Documenting Electronic Health Records for CareVoyant's Practice Management and EMR solution

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Documenting narrations for healthcare facilities at a cost of just 9.5¢ a line/65 characters

Carevoyant Practice Management and EMR Transcription

Carevoyants are best known for their Microsoft based health care solutions. Carevoyants practice management/EMR solutions are evolving technologies that are sought after by many healthcare providers small and big alike.The Carevoyants solutions are most effective for specific practices when compared to all the other software providers in the market because of their close collaboration with the healthcare facilities.

The most famous products of Carevoyants are:

• Carevoyant physicians

• Carevoyant home care

• Carevoyant long term care

Carevoyant physicians

This is a value product for the physicians. The best feature is the portable EMR ability that helps the physician to keep track of his patient records. iSource offers its services to Carevoyant physician's users. Gear-up with iSource and automate your entire EMR/PM system by retaining the existing software.

Carevoyant home care

Carevoyant home care is for home based business agencies .The features includes an OASIS analyzer that checks for consistency in your assessments and HHRG coding. The built-in business intelligence tool helps you to improvise on quality care and optimize the imbursements. iSource services are open to Carevoyant home care users at a very nominal rate with greater accuracy and imbursements.

Carevoyant long term care

Carevoyant long term care is for multi specialty clinics that deal with greater volumes of EHR. The features include a user-friendly bedside charting. The provision to seamlessly integrate census with MDS, AR/TAR, ADLs and billing makes the software all the more powerful when compared to the existing systems. iSource extends its arms in the form of Seamless Integration Technology to provide services to Carevoyant long term care users.

iSource as your remote vendor

iSource is the best in remote vendor medical billing /transcription/coding services. With iSource being your remote vendor you can achieve meaningful use of EMR/EHR by retaining your existing software. iSource's document workflow is so smooth that you may even forget about the remote vendor working as your back office support. Through iSource's exceptional service, the mission of paperless medical office is made reality. By making iSource offer its services you cut down the cost of maintaining an in-house Medical transcription/ coding team in half. Gear up with iSource and start calling us @ 1-877-272-1572.

Extending Operations through Seamless Integration

iSource is a master of cutting-edge technology. By using Seamless Integration technology we seamlessly integrate our team with the transcription suite of your facility. The base of connectivity is VPN (Virtual Private Network). We encourage Seamless Integration only with EMR/PM software that complies with HL7 standards. The VPN is SSL encrypted so that the data transfers are highly secure. The remote vendor access to the hospital facility's EMR/PM software is limited to handle doctor's dictations alone. The dictation now enters iSource's document flow. The document flow is a procedure in which on acquiring a dictation iSource's transcriber transcribes the dictations. The transcript is subjected to proof-reading by the editors. The final transcript is acquired by the Medical billing and coding team. The team is now granted access to the facility pre-installed transcription suite. Our Billers and coders use the customized template provided by the Health care facility. During dictation the doctors usually record the patient demographic details before continuing with the narration. Our medical billers and coders through UPI (Unique Patient Identifier Scheme) identify the patient data and convert the transcript into EMR/EHR.

Call us round the clock

We work 24 hours and 365 days. As we have multiple clients sharing varied time zones, call us any time @ 1-877-272-1572 to help us help you with your requirements. Our customer care executives will guide you through our TAT plans and will offer the best options available.

iSource's improved services

iSource offers other value added services like toll-free-dial-in dictation system, Dictaphone dictation.

Toll-free-dial-in dictation system

This is a free feature available to all clients regardless of being small or big. This feature enables the customer to call our toll free dictation system through a landline and mobile phone and recite the narrations. The narrations should be followed by the email request from the client. On confirmation of the mail, our team gets to work and the deliverables will be delivered to the client in the shortest possible time.

Dictaphone dictations

A free digital Dictaphone will be provided to any client who signs up for this option. After dictation using the Dictaphone, the customer is provided with a secure FTP details to upload the dictations. The file transfer is easy and done at free of cost. On receipt of the dictations, the transcribers start transcribing to produce the deliverables to the customer.

HIPAA compliance

We observe HIPAA zealously and preach the same to all our customers. We use Seamless Integration only with the software that satisfies HL7 standards. Our VPN is secured with SSL encryption thereby making us on par with HIPAA standards.



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