Documenting Electronic Health Records for Cattails Software Suite / CattailsMD, EHR

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Documenting narrations for healthcare facilities at a cost of just 9.5¢ a line/65 characters

iSource in association with Cattails MD

Cattails MD is an integrated electronic Health record and practice Management system. The software is manipulated and verified to improve the overall safety and efficiency of a patient's health care. It is widely used by many Health care organizations to deliver a personal care.

We have now partnered with Cattails MD software suite to provide medical documentation service to Health care facilities that have opted for the renowned software.

We invite all the Health care facilities those have opted for Cattails MD for their medical transcription needs to associate with us to get their transcription needs fulfilled. We understand that the practice of medicine is complex and we assure you of the best service ever possible.

Why EMR and EHR?

This is an era of electronic data storage. Almost all the industries have chosen Information technology and its advancements to enhance their productivity and now it is almost time for the Health care industry to get on board with IT and cut costs and enhance the quality of the medical services delivered. Also Health care facilities opting for certified EHR and EMR applications are eligible for the incentive package according to the ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act).

iSource's Advantage

Only a few Medical Transcription companies offer medical transcription services by documenting physician's dictations and narrations within the EMR and EHR applications that are already in use by the Health care organization and we are one among them. We offer our services through multi-structured platforms using the Virtual Private Network (VPN) connectivity with the existing Electronic Medical Record application used by the Health care facility.

There are numerous EMR/EHR/PM applications available for health care facilities and some are specialty specific and such specialty specific EMR and EHR applications comprises of patterns or templates relevant to that particular practice. We with our phenomenal medical transcriptionists with vast experience in handling various forms and templates, document the specialty descriptions and hearsays with ease.

Our Transcription Workflow

Our IT experts correlate with the IT section of the Health care facility and enable the HIPAA compliant secure VPN connectivity. The medical transcribers are allowed to document the narrations and dictations of physicians that are read into the centralized voice recorder using a password secured login access.

The Physician's Point of View

The voice recognition software in the EMR and EHR applications proves to be a big distress to the physicians. Even after several training sessions, physicians find the computerized reports to have quality concerns related to medical terms and procedures. Generally doctors are not much exposed to software systems and its technicalities. And to say it straight, physicians wouldn't wish or want to spend their valuable time in equipping themselves to the software applications and its usage because it is not their area of interest too. They would rather prefer spending time with a patient's treatment and that is the reason even after thorough training with the software applications, physicians find it clumsy and disinterested to work with IT enabled EMR/EHR/PM software.

The Cost Advantage

The cost factors involved in running and maintaining the medical transcription process with an in-house transcription team is one of the most important facts to be considered. The wages for a professional medical transcriber ranges from $14 to $15 per hour and apart from this there is hardware and software costs that adds to the count and all these put together costs the Health care facility 33¢ to 39¢ to document a 65 character line, but we offer you a better service at a cost of just 9.5¢ a line/65 characters.

This serves a valid reason for the Health care facilities to partner with other medical transcription companies that are able to provide a quality and on time transcription service.

Security Concerns

We have instituted security measures to handle the safety and integrity of protected information according to HIPAA guidelines. We have established all our security measures according to HIPAA guidelines and we follow a 128 bit SSL encryption platform to transmit data and the entire transcription suite is complied with HL7 message regulations. We follow strict administrative procedures to maintain data security and confidentiality. Technical evaluations are done regularly to check if all the systems involved in the process meet up the security requirements.

“After all revolution and evolution is meant for lowering costs and enhancing quality on all means”

Our 24x7 service is available for a variety of EMRs and EHRs in use. Dial 1-877-272-1572 for medical transcription services absolutely through a web enabled VPN connectivity.




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