23 Jan 2015

10 medical documentation errors that you aren’t noticing!

The number of erroneous medical records and fatal deaths due to documentation errors are on the rise. The insidious silent killer; inaccurate medical documentation, is the third major reason for patient deaths, ranking after heart disease and
11 Nov 2014

Is your medical practice HIPAA compliant? It matters a lot!

Is your organization taking HIPAA mandates seriously? If you think HIPAA is only limited to huge organizations then you are in the dark. The government has its eye on small and medium sized organizations as well. When
1 Oct 2014

Why Apple’s HealthKit is the accurate answer to mHealth challenges!

The launch of iOS 8 Apple HealthKit has come as a huge relief, for patients and physicians alike! The failure of Google’s health PHR and the complex features of Microsoft Health Vault gave rise to challenges in
22 Sep 2014

Save your medical practice from documentation costs and tripwires!

Better clinical documentation has always been a challenging issue for medical practices across the USA. With CMS initiatives emphasizing on better clinical documentation, physicians are being backed against the wall to comply or pay heavy fines. To
11 Aug 2014

HIPAA and HL-7 rules in healthcare information! Need for a reality check

           Does your practice adhere to HIPAA rules? You might have come across these questions? What is the most important standard? What if a covered entity doesn’t fax a PHI to a physician because it says fax
31 Jul 2014

What are the diverse and challenging roles CFOs need to play?

The continuous changes evolving in the financial model of a healthcare industry has forced the CFOs to change their strategy to bring up a model they have never come up with. The demand for price transparency and
22 Jul 2014

Do Not Adopt Shortcut Documentation! It Hurts Your Patients And Payments!

Due to hectic work schedules, physicians choose time saving and easy procedures. EMRs have paved the way for smarter and quicker documentation. But everything comes with a price! Is your transcript the next “Dolly”?! The time saving
14 Jul 2014

Medical Transcription Can Help You Predict the complex Documentation!

Medical transcription is the answer to the complex documentation needs of physicians! The widespread adoption of Healthcare IT has resulted in medical practices finally joining the tech bandwagon. With more and more physicians joining the fray, there
2 Jul 2014

EMRs have thrown cold water over the use of paper records!

Medical documentation in the age of EMRs! The difference between EMRs and paper records is the difference between clunky file cabinets and cloud storage. Digitizing records makes them more accessible and transferable.  And despite whispers of dissatisfaction
23 Jun 2014

Customize EHR templates for better documentation !

Documentation is boring and tedious!  Make it fun and quick It’s time to get rid of the cookie cutter templates that fail to meet the specific needs of physicians. As a physician you are the most important