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31 Jul 2012

benefits of outsourcing medical billing

The advantages of outsourcing and why you must stay on this page Agreed. This topic has been done to death. Over the last decade we’ve heard promises, claims, and testimonials, that speak of just one thing, how
27 Jul 2012

What role does an ehr have in enhancing patient care and safety?

Well, if a recent study is anything to go by, a lot. According to a finding by NCHS around 74% of physicians’ report that ehr adoption led to enhanced patient care. The most discussed about point on
20 Jul 2012

Avoid Rejected Claims

10 ways to save your practice from rejected claims There can be nothing that can be as disheartening and unfair as being faced with a rejected claim. Millions of practices struggle with pending account receivables and have
18 Jul 2012

Affordable Care Act – A Perspective for Medical Billing

Now that an important aspect of President Obama’s grand scheme in the overhauling of the healthcare system has been willed into existence, courtesy the five good judges of the Supreme Court, it is now time for providers
17 Jul 2012

Increasing Revenues Through Medical Billing Thoroughness

It is somewhat of a common argument in medical billing circles these days thatpatients satisfied with the medical billing office after discharge are more likely to refer the clinic and the particular doctor to others, thus increasing
30 Jun 2012

The hour of reckoning

Missing medical records have become a common occurrence in the healthcare industry. Important and sensitive details of patients have been lost due to oversight, and quite possibly the overburden and stress of handling extensive volumes of medical
25 Jun 2012

Medical Billing And Transcription

Your transcripts could hold the key to faster checks! Yes, you read that right! If you ever thought that medical transcription and billing are two very different aspects of your workflow, you have a second think coming.
20 Jun 2012

ICD-10 Implementation Perspective

You heard it right.  ICD-10 compliance deadline has been postponed by a year to Oct 1, 2014; but rather than giving clinics ample time, it just ends up giving everyone enough breathing space, and anyone who does
6 Jun 2012

EMR Enabled Medical Billing Services

Seasoned Clinicians’ Choice The reach of EMRs has been extending beyond its traditional domain; the new-age physicians.  A recent study has brought to light that more and more of the seasoned clinicians have taken an affinity to
1 Jun 2012

The Age of EHRs – The Power of e-MDs

Let Go of the Old Ways  Are you utilizing an EHR/Medical Billing software which is just an electronic avatar of the paper forms?  Are you utilizing an EHR which has been over-engineered, so as to speak, to