Medical Transcriber Archive

22 Sep 2014

Save your medical practice from documentation costs and tripwires!

Better clinical documentation has always been a challenging issue for medical practices across the USA. With CMS initiatives emphasizing on better clinical documentation, physicians are being backed against the wall to comply or pay heavy fines. To
14 Jul 2014

Medical Transcription Can Help You Predict the complex Documentation!

Medical transcription is the answer to the complex documentation needs of physicians! The widespread adoption of Healthcare IT has resulted in medical practices finally joining the tech bandwagon. With more and more physicians joining the fray, there
30 Jan 2014

Documentation woes are bogging down physicians, the way out!

Medical transcribers; the better choice for physicians! A highly digitized workplace was supposed to make physicians’ workdays better. But there are very few medical practitioners who are happy with the recent changes in the healthcare space. Physicians
22 Jan 2014

Tips for choosing the right medical transcription provider for your practice

Are you settling for less? Tips to hire the perfect transcriber! Documenting patient records is a huge challenge. “It is frustrating to type into a computer while talking to patients” complains Rachel Gibbs, an oncologist practicing in