Secure medical records transmission; an attainable dream

A thought that scares physicians more than an approaching epidemic, is the loss or misuse of medical data. Patient demographics, physician details and information about the medical practice, are sensitive records and a small slip up can lead to major mayhem. But with cloud computing being the order of the day and security features that are almost foolproof, exchanging and sharing medical data is much safer than a decade ago.

Imaging centers are making the switch

The truth is in the stats. According to a recent survey patients feel that cloud technology is a quicker and much more efficient way of sharing their reports and images. Heralding it as the next big quantum leap in digital imaging services, more imaging and scan centers are sharing images ‘live’ instead of relying on traditional and time consuming methods.

An increasing number of imaging centers feel cloud solutions can result in a paperless, filmless and hopefully confusion less offices and can improve the access of referring physicians to the records.

A walk in the clouds

Cloud based electronic health records have opened the window for inexpensive and effortless storing and handling of medical records. The pay-as you-go approach is more than a welcome change for physicians already running a tight ship. Most emr providers provide the option of client server based emr and web based solutions.

A cloud based emr saves the hassle of purchasing an emr system and the software, hardware and numerous paraphernalia it comes with. And is a cost effective option for small practices.

A financial model that works

Running a healthcare facility involves sky high costs and the amount of financial freedom and options cloud technology offers has made managers of healthcare facilities make a beeline for it. Conventional working models need to change to be ahead of the curve and earn a neat profit. And for those queasy about relying on the internet to recall and transmit information, it is like it or, leave it, a smart way to work.

If online shopping and banking , which contains confidential financial information and banking details can work without a major scam, it is not very far into the future, when cloud technology makes inroads into the healthcare world.

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