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2 Jul 2014

EMRs have thrown cold water over the use of paper records!

Medical documentation in the age of EMRs! The difference between EMRs and paper records is the difference between clunky file cabinets and cloud storage. Digitizing records makes them more accessible and transferable.  And despite whispers of dissatisfaction
14 Apr 2014

Is it time for you to change your EMR?

6 warning signs that something is isn’t quite right with your EMR system! Are you unhappy with your EMR? Chances are you are nodding an emphatic “yes”! From being heralded as the harbingers of change to being
4 Mar 2014

Dangers in Electronic Medical Documentation!

The many pitfalls of electronic documentation! Slip-shoddy documentation can lead to disastrous consequences. And more often than not it is hapless patients who pay the price for it. The shocking news of patients dying due to documentation