Medical Documentation Archive

22 Jul 2014

Do Not Adopt Shortcut Documentation! It Hurts Your Patients And Payments!

Due to hectic work schedules, physicians choose time saving and easy procedures. EMRs have paved the way for smarter and quicker documentation. But everything comes with a price! Is your transcript the next “Dolly”?! The time saving
14 Jul 2014

Medical Transcription Can Help You Predict the complex Documentation!

Medical transcription is the answer to the complex documentation needs of physicians! The widespread adoption of Healthcare IT has resulted in medical practices finally joining the tech bandwagon. With more and more physicians joining the fray, there
7 Feb 2014

Medical documentation tips for physicians

Are you documenting right? Tips to survive RAC audits and reimbursement cuts! Documenting in today’s healthcare landscape is a unique challenge in itself. Improper documentation and being overly dependent on EHR templates, has snowballed into a huge