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27 Mar 2014

Streamline your medical documentation process!

Are your medical records structured and standardized? Great! You have finally implemented an electronic medical record! The days of rummaging about for records and trying to make sense of illegible pieces of paper are finally behind you!
30 Jun 2012

The hour of reckoning

Missing medical records have become a common occurrence in the healthcare industry. Important and sensitive details of patients have been lost due to oversight, and quite possibly the overburden and stress of handling extensive volumes of medical
29 Sep 2011

EMR’s – Boon or Bane?

If the US Healthcare Industry was compared to the City of Gotham, then it is interesting to ponder as to what role one would ascribe to the phenomenon of EMR in it.  Is it akin to the
29 Sep 2011

Tech Savvy Medical Records Transcribers

Living and working patterns have been evolving over the ages along with changes in technology; which has finally resulted in today’s men and women leading much more fulfilling lives.  This has been possible because technology has had