It is a moot point whether the humble French Physician, Jacques Bertillon would have envisaged such
a grand scheme for his 1893 invention of “Bertillon Classification of Causes of Death”, when some 50
odd years later WHO assumed responsibility for its maintenance and updation, which by now came to
be known as “International Statistical Classification of Diseases, Injuries and Causes of Death (ICD)”
(a slight variation of its present extended name); the primary classification via which diseases and
other morbidities around the world came to be recorded.

Many decades later now, with the writing on the wall for all forms of ICD-9 including the CMS (Centers
for Medicare and Medicaid Services) version ICD-9-CM or Clinical Modifications; ICD-10 and its
related avatars including CMS’s ICD-10-CM ICD-10-PCS have the spotlight turned on them. But
many believe that the transition may not be a walk in the park, as ICD-10 will have 155,000 codes
as compared to the modest 17,000 of ICD-9-CM. But the good news amidst all this hullabaloo is
that lesser than 100 ICD-10 codes will have no corresponding ICD-9-CM codes; thus the need for
alternative plans of coding is minimal.

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