The winds of change that have swept the medical transcription industry!

There are few industries that have changed and evolved, as much as the medical transcription industry, over the last few years. We will have a closer look at regulations, norms and technological advances that have impacted the medical transcription industry and how it could affect the relationship between a doctor in downtown New York and a medical transcriber in the Philippines, or, the hotbed of the medical transcription industry, India.

Electronic medical records and the Hi tech act

No discussion about the medical transcription field is complete without mentioning EMR applications. A virtually paperless office, more structured and secure medical data, and the easy transition of healthcare records, has improved and facilitated faster and efficient communication between medical facilities and medical transcription services providers.

Most medical transcription service providers now provide EMR integrated transcribing support for the seamless transmittance and documentation of medical data. The Hi tech act that can give medical practices a huge shot in the arm for the meaningful usage of EMR has further led to increased EMR adoption.

VBC pricing: Money matters!

“The visual black character” method of pricing endorsed by AHIMA, has shed light in another murky area of medical transcribing, pricing. There was no absolute and regulated standard for the pricing of transcribing audio recorded medical data. The visual black character method of pricing encourages consistent and transparent pricing methodologies.

Tech savvy doctors

Physicians are no longer the serious, bespectacled and slightly intimidating doctors we used to visit or dread visiting as kids. The new age physician is tech savvy and there are many doctors who use smartphones for dictating! The Dictamus application introduced by iPhone, has in particular become the favorite dictating medium of doctors. There are several medical transcription services firms that offer to receive the dictations of the doctor directly onto a secure server for medical transcribing services.

Changes the only constant!

With the constant changes in the medical transcription industry change seems to be the only constant. And let’s not forget about the other twin of the medical transcribing field, medical billing services. 1CD10 and HIPAA 5010 are all set to change its face and pace forever. But more on that later.

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