Customize EHR templates for better documentation !

Documentation is boring and tedious!  Make it fun and quick

It’s time to get rid of the cookie cutter templates that fail to meet the specific needs of physicians. As a physician you are the most important person in your clinic because when you treat, the clinic makes money, but when you get stuck in the process of documentation and can’t complete your notes faster, the cash flow is crippled.

So why make patients wait, work more and lose revenue? Customized EMR templates can quicken your workflow.

Why do we need templates?

Have you ever thought of how nice it could be if your workflow appeared on a single screen? Customization of templates is the key to successful documentation. Patients’ information, x-ray and test results require careful organization for easy data access.

Most EMRs are available with pre-built templates which are useful for general check-up but for a special case like diabetes, wherein the provider has to input details of the patient’s diet as well requires a different method of input.

Here’s is what you need to keep in mind!

 When you create a field make sure that your EMR recognises it, example if you create a field for diabetes the EMR must recognise fields like patient’s diet and insulin levels. Since this a critical disease and most of the patients do not follow a scheduled visit, an accurate database will result in better and more personalized medical care.

How does customization make your workflow better?

  • The EMR can remind you at the time of care what services are overdue for patients who are in need of an urgent care visit.
  • During the visit, the EMR can remind the provider, of what needs to be done.
  • A customized EMR can help the provider in maintaining lab letters and access information easily when on call.
  • The chances of reimbursement increases through better documentation.
  • The operating efficiency of the office increases greatly.
  • Better documentation will lead to better patient care.

Don’t document the way everybody else does!

 The documentation requirement, of every medical practice, is different. Work with experts who can customize your EMR to make documentation quick, accurate and easy. Straight out of a can templates can only lead to missed information, a labyrinth of unwanted information and productive hours wasted on locating pertinent medical information.



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