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iSource has essayed an integral role in lighting the way for HIPAA compliant medical coding and billing services and, we are, as particular about HIPAA as you are! The Health insurance portability and accountability act has laid down several regulations and parameters for the security and privacy of health care data. iSource ensures that it follows and adheres to every single rule in the book.

iSource where every promise is a guarantee!

iSource follows several stringent security measures and here are five reasons why you can be assured that your medical data is in safe hands.

  • We have a 24x7 technical team who ensure that there are no breaches in data security.
  • All the health care records are double password protected.
  • iSource has surveillance cameras installed in every department of our organization.
  • ¬†We do not allow any electronic or recording devices into the office such as laptops, pen drives and floppy disks.
  • We create unique, and username and password protected, FTP accounts for our clients and make sure that the client database is accessible only to authorized personnel.

Training seminars and office meets on norms and updates

iSource conducts weekly seminars, workshops and departmental meets to keep our medical coding and billing staff updated on the latest developments in the health care scenario. We understand that security guidelines for medical data keep changing over time and keep ourselves updated with the latest changes and modifications.