Pediatric Transcription Services

pediatric-medicalPediatricians are often in need of quick transcriptions of thier dictations, Isourcefunctions 24X7, making sure that dictations sent to us are qickly transcribed and dispensed, no wonder leading Pediatricians based in California, NewYork, Texas, Washington and other states contact us for allPediactric Transcriptions.


We value accuracy and all our transcriptions are proof read by editors before they are sent to our clients, remember accuracy of childrens medical reports need to be precise and error free, dosages prescribed for children need to be correctly documented in the medical report as dictated by the physician, else they could lead to accidents.Our transcribers are aware and careful.


Call us on our toll free number 1-877-272-1572, our prices on transcriptions can save you up to 50% to 60% on costs, and our turn-around-time for the reports is between 12 to 24 hours, we also accept rush assignments which can be delivered under 12 hours. Call us on our toll free number 1-877-272-1572

  • Our transcribers use Stedman's Electronic Medical Dictionary, Stedman's books and American Drug Index.
  • Formats of dictation can include WMV, MPG, AVI, MOV, ASF, ASX, RM, SWF, DIC, and extended audio formats: WMA and MP3.
  • Dictations using Digital dictation machines or Toll free number acceptable.
  • Our transcribed documents can be downloaded, e-mailed, or faxed to any recipient

List of some of the states which Medical Transcriptions Service is handling Pediatric transcription service efficiently are

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