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Anesthesiology transcription service

Supportive anesthesiology transcription service now available for anesthesiologists hindered by poor document workflows

Anesthesiologists often encounter obstacles in maintaining a steady workflow of documentations, given the nature of multi-subspecialties that they need to take care of such as obstetrics, neurosurgery, cardiac surgery, pediatrics, outpatient procedures, pain management, epidurai or critically ill patients etc, their responsibilities for documenting patient’s anesthesa reports are enormous.
anesthology transcription

Any hindrance to the documentation workflow of anesthesiology clinics can have serious repercussions on patient care. We have been assisting anesthesiology clinics offering them our web-based transcription service. The clinics can choose to dial the toll free phone-in-dictation or a Virtual Private Connectivity (VPN) can be established with the application software used for Electronic Medical Records.

Activating the phone-in-dictation or establishing the VPN connectivity

The clinics can call our toll free number 1-877-272-1572 and speak to the customer care to initialize the toll free phone-in-dictation, a unique access code is given to each clinic to enable them to use the service. The Virtual Private Network is established in coordination with the IT staff of the clinic, once setup this allows the medical transcribers from our company to login and access the narrations of the anesthetist that are read into the centralized voice system of the application. The anaesthetist are able to review the documented reports in real quick time.

Super fast turn-around-time specifically tailored to the needs of anesthesiologists

The clinics can review the documented reports in just 12 hours after they have been narrated. This is made possible largely because we work three shifts 24 x 7. The medical practices that processed the transcriptions in-house often encounter delays in documenting the reports. It is because the in-house transcribers work for 8 hours every day Monday through Friday, and the turn-around-time to process the dictations take more than 36 hours.

Enviable costs that save clinics a fortune

We have the privilege of partnering with many medical practice that earlier documented the reports in-house, the operational costs combined with the minimum wages of $14 to $15 an hour paid to each of the in-house transcribers escalated the costs of  documentations, costing clinics approximately  35¢ to 38¢ for a line of 65 characters. Our web-based service costs the clinics just 8.5¢ to 9.5¢ a line, a clear saving of 26¢ to 30¢ a line. In fact clinics that are able to guarantee us long term bulk assignments are offered a special price that is still lower than the standard price. Call our toll free number 1-877-272-1572 to know more about the special pricing.

HIPAA compliance receives our top priority

We observe HIPAA compliance in all its totality making sure that the confidentiality of patients records are never breached, we have a safe and secure server setup in compliance of HIPAA regulations, the Virtual Private Network that we setup is of HL7 standards, again a HIPAA requirement.

7-day free trial for your clinic to know us in & out

Anesthesiologist can use our 7-day free trial to get to know our services better, the free trial lets you evaluate 40 to 50 reports that are processed by the transcribers of our company. This is a no-obligation offer and at the end of the free trial you can either send us the Business Associate Agreement or if any lacuna is pointed out to us, we can have them corrected or simply call it quits.

Anesthetic specific templates that we use within an EMR:

  • Cardiac Anesthesia
  • Obstetrical Anesthesia
  • Pediatric Anesthesia
  • Possible health complications (e.g. age)
  • Preoperative medicine
  • Side effects

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