MedicalTranscriptionsService offers transcribing and documentation solutions that are affordable, secure and more importantly, tailored for you. We understand that in today's tech driven healthcare landscape listening to dictations and typing out transcripts is not enough. If there is anything that we are good at, it is rolling with the punches!

To, make our services, more, client friendly. And to save you from dreary clerical tasks, we now offer EMR friendly medical transcription services. We work with dozens of EMRs every day and know our way around every single template of every single EMR/EHR.

Over 400 medical practices have streamlined their documentation process, cut down on operational costs, and increased the ROI of their EMR by working with us. We interface with your EMR seamlessly and adhere to all HIPAA and HL7 guidelines.

MedicalTranscriptionsService is always ahead of the curve! Our technical team, have developed a dictation application that can interface directly with your smartphone. Our Android/iOS application will save you the time spent on transmitting your dictations to us.
Give us a call anytime today and we will explain to you how it works or request for a free online demo.

We have separate teams of expert transcribers, for every medical specialty. The medical terminology and lingo, changes, with, every, medical specialty. And that is why we have a separate team of transcribers for all major medical specialties.




Here is a list of the transcription service and customized templates we offer!