Medical Records Transcription

Doctor’s dictations of patient’s medical records accurately documented

ISource is a Medical Record Transcription service provider to leading hospitals and solo practices across the United States, a decade of industry experience has earned us appreciation from all concerned; it has also given us an opportunity in hosting new clients that solicit our service.

We have an enabled state-of-the-art communication network online consisting of a toll free phone-in-dictation that allows doctors to narrate patient records; options are also available for easy upload of digital voice recordings through a file transfer protocol, the data transfer on our systems are encrypted as per HIPAA compliance and data storage is password protected. medical records transcription

The medical report that is typed by a transcriber is proof-read by an editor for consistency and accuracy, the standard turn-around-time taken by us is between 12 to 24 hours after we receive the dictations, ISource has a service rate card which 40% to 50% lower than other companies, this has been possible because the operations of the company are based in low wage areas.

Medical Transcriptions Service is now supported with a functional online health care management tool that will allow doctors to access, edit, and digitally sign the patient's medical records with ease. Click here for Online medical records software

When compared with in-house transcription, an outsourced transcription service like ours yields a saving on expenditure of nearly 65%. A comparison of rates for outsourced versus in-house transcription is shown below:

  In-house Outsourced
Rate per line of transcript 40¢/l   8.5 ¢/l
Rate per report of transcript $6/report $1.5-$2/report

Our Services

At Medical Records Transcriptions service we have transcribed medical records for almost all specialties of medicine. Some of the services we offer under medical reports transcriptions service are:

  1. Patient Charts
  2. Surgery Reports
  3. H & P Reports
  4. Telephone Consultation Recordings
  5. Medical Records
  6. SOAP notes
  7. Progress Notes
  8. And many more

Quality guarantee

We lay tremendous stress on the quality of our transcripts. A full-fledged Quality Management team is in place, which is responsible for qualitative aspects of both deliverables (like accuracy) as well as services features (like delivery time). Some of the measures we have put in place are:

  • Recruitment of experienced transcriptionists
  • A 2-week thorough drill-based training for transcribing staff.
  • The transcriptioning for each specialty is done by different pools of transcriptionists.
  • Transcription done using the latest equipments and software(ExpressScribe)
  • Specialty-specific e-dictionaries and online resources are put at the disposal of transcriptionists to look up terms they are unsure about
  • Medical journals, magazines and monthlies are subscribed to, with a view to create awareness among transcriptionists about the latest developments in the medical arena.
  • Proofreading of transcripts is carried out repeatedly as it passes down to many transcriptionists. This is also called the “many-hands” approach.

The company has a 24x7 customer support which can be reached on the toll free number 1-877-272-1572.


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