We assure complete medical data security!

Are you worried about the security of your medical data? We understand that as a physician or medical practice manager, the security of your data is your top most concern. Data leakages can be a huge blow to the reputation of your practice. Work with a transcription company that is completely HIPAA compliant. We adhere to HIPAA rules and provide top of the line physical and informational security.

MedicalTranscriptionsService allows only limited and authenticated access to your data. An encrypted password and personal identification is provided for user authentication.

6 reasons how your medical data is safe with us!

Physical security: MedicalTranscriptionsService runs on a highly protected server. The systems are updated with current information and latest tools to work on. MedicalTranscriptionsService follows software patch management so that the system contains the latest security protection. Hence there is no harm from malicious software.

World class encryption protocols: MedicalTranscriptionsService assures strong encryption protocols so that no "brute force" password cracking software can harm your patient's record. Since there is an automated security, example, limited access to the application and auto logout if no activity detected within a certain time, and an encrypted password with a personal identification sets the protocol high.

Trained staff: The staff at MedicalTranscriptionsService is trained to follow each and every guideline regarding security updates

24/7 data security management team: MedicalTranscriptionsService has a 24/7 data security management team that monitors the servers 24/7, in case of any network issues so that your medical data is safe with us.

No access to digital storage devices: The systems running at MedicalTranscriptionsService have ports that are deactivated to allow any type of storage devices example a flash drive or any kind of storage discs.

Regular workshops to deal with security guidelines: The privacy officer at MedicalTranscriptionsService runs regular workshop to keep the staff updated with HIPAA guidelines.

Don't take a chance! Work with someone who is as concerned about the security of your data as you.

Completely HIPAA compliant medical transcription solutions! You can reach us 24/7 at 877-272-1572 Toll Free!

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