Medical coding services that can insure you from rejected insurance claims!

The medical coding process is the most crucial step in the claims filing cycle as the proper assignment of codes is mandatory to get your receivables on time. Medicaltranscriptionsservice offers a complete medical coding package that includes every single step in the medical coding process. We specialize in all major coding systems followed in the health information industry such as topographical codes, pharmaceutical codes, procedural codes and diagnostic codes.

The Six Step Medical Coding Process We Follow

1. We receive the medical files to be coded from our clients.

2. We download the medical data and assign files to our medical coding team, based on the expertise of the coder, to provide coding services for that particular medical specialty or subspecialty.

3. We ensure that Common Procedural Terminology codes are assigned for every medical procedure and service provided to the patient.

4. After assigning the primary codes our medical coding staff, add, modifiers and add on codes wherever necessary as this would ensure you receive complete medical reimbursement.

5. We make sure that each CPT code is perfectly aligned with its corresponding ICD 09 code. Improper alignment is according to a recent finding the main cause for rejected claims.

6. After the medical coding process is complete, all the coded documents are double checked and proofed by our coding manager.

The USP of our medical coding services

  • Knowledgeable and abreast about internationally recognized medical coding systems.
  • Have a dedicated team for offering specialty specific medical coding services.
  • A three tier quality check is carried out for all medical coded documents.
  • And finally you don’t have empty your pocket and wait endlessly to get your medical data coded as our, medical coding services are affordable and timely.


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