Across the board medical billing and coding services that can increase your profitability!

What is the easiest way of saving yourself from getting drowned in paperwork and waiting for eternity to get your account receivables? Sign up for our billing services! iSource offers a comprehensive package that can increase the profitability of your practice.

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According to a recent statistic around 80% of medical bills contain errors and more often than not, it is the medical practise that has to pay the price. Around 5% of revenue is lost annually by health care providers across the United States due to data entry errors. At iSource we ensure that every aspect of your billing cycle is taken care of. One of the main reasons for erroneous bills is the wrong assignment of medical codes. We have a team of medical coding experts who are specialized in providing codes that are based on the HCPCS coding system.

Five reasons why iSource can be the right solution for your needs!

  • iSource follows a process that is all inclusive, streamlined and efficient. Click here to know about the ten step process we follow.
  • We are with you all through the process right from medical coding your health care records to transmitting and following up on your insurance claims.
  • We have a separate and dedicated team for documenting and processing your AR aging reports. It helps in prioritizing and maintaining date wise tabs on your outstanding claims.
  • Apart from incorrect medical coding, the usage of outdated billing softwares is cited as the main reason forerrors. iSource uses widely used and up to date medical softwares such as Medic, IDX, Medisoft, Medical Manager, Kareo etc.
  • We adhere stringently to HIPAA guidelines and guarantee informational and physical security of your medical data.

The special features of our package!