Medical coding services that can make delayed payments a distant memory!

Medicaltranscriptionsservice offers medical coding services that offer end to end, complete and comprehensive medical coding services. The medical coding procedure is a complex process and requires the expertise of a professional to get the details right. We ensure that all our coding staff are well qualified and have the requisite expertise to assign exact codes and ensure that you get your insurance receivables a whole lot faster!

The five key features of our medical coding services that make us the best choice for you!

  • We have proven expertise in assigning CPT codes.

The codes that pay! The Current Procedural Terminology codes determine how many dollars you receive for your medical service by the insurer. And that is why we take extra care while assigning CPT codes so denied claims are a thing of the distant past. As the CPT database undergoes periodical changes we ensure that we are updated and abreast of the latest developments.

  • We know that modifiers and add on codes play a key role!

To get complete medical reimbursement is the dream of every medical practitioner and practise, and modifiers and add on codes are the key to realizing your dream. We understand that they are as important as primary codes and have a dedicated team to assign appropriate add on codes or modifiers whenever and wherever necessary.     

  • We are proficient with International coding systems and procedures.

Medicaltranscriptionsservice is proficient in the HCPCS database system. We make sure that each CPT code is properly and meticulously aligned with the ICD 09 codes, which is the most common error that occurs in claims filing. We ensure that all the medical coded documents are thoroughly proofread so there are zero chances of your insurance claims being rejected.

  • Speciality specific coding services

Medicaltranscriptionsservice offers specialty specific medical coding services. We provide medical coding services for all medical specialities and sub specialities. We allocate assignments based on the experience of the medical coder in assigning codes for a particular medical specialty. We also specialize in providing surgical codes.

  • Assured HIPAA and HL7 compliance

Medicaltranscriptionsservice adheres and strictly observes all international standards and protocols for the transfer of healthcare data. We are a thoroughly HIPAA compliant medical coding and billing firm.



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