Orthopedic Transcription

The backbone of your orthopedic practice!

Are you frustrated with receiving transcripts that don't make sense? Or stuck with an automatic voice to text app that refuses to work? You can turn to iSource for orthopedic transcription support. We've, for over a decade, saved Orthopedicians from the embarrassment of erroneous transcripts and the frustration of not receiving them on time.


Our services are highly scalable and we can handle any volume of dictations. We help in organizing, streamlining and simplifying your everyday workflow. We understand that transcripts play a vital role in the billing and auditing process and work according to your specifications and deadlines.

Are you an emr /ehr user?

If yes, there are fewer things for you to do from now on! Our transcription services are emr/ehr friendly and we can paste our transcripts onto your emr, ehr or pms, as word documents. No two emr systems are alike! So there is no rigid single way we work.

Experience with the SOAP notes format

We post the details of your transcript in the relevant fields and have experience in working with the SOAP notes format. Whatever the template or format your emr/ehr system uses, we can work effortlessly with it. And, are certainly not going to keep your phone line busy, asking you what goes where.

Save 40% of your operational costs and 16 hours a day…

Have you ever wanted people to work for you long after you’ve clocked out? iSource works 24 hours a day, on all days. Our office is always buzzing with activity, so you can be sure of talking to our team anytime you call, and getting transcripts on time.
We are completely affordable and are transparent with our prices and pricing policies. And, no, low prices don’t mean low quality. We offer best of class transcript quality and have insider’s knowledge about orthopedic terms.

For more details about our hipaa compliant, secure and round the clock orthopedic transcription services please call 1 888 571 9069.


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