AllMeds Orthopedic Specality EMR/EHR Support Services

All inclusive support for AllMeds users!

Do you run a busy orthopedic practice and hardly have enough time to breathe? Do clinical documentation worries hit you the minute you step into office?  We provide orthopedic transcription services that are accurate, quick and offer solutions that can make your life easier. We enable you to spend more time with your patients and less time on their records. allmeds emr

Our orthopedics emr/ehr support services can create a more structured, secure and productive working environment for you.

Updated data just a few clicks away!

Receiving a perfect transcript on time is wonderful, but wouldn’t it be great, if it was right there in your AllMeds system. It can give you easy access to your clinical documents, and offer more security for your records.

Three reasons why we are the favorite of AllMeds users!

Here are three reasons why over 250 orthopedic practices, all over California, Florida, Louisianan, Georgia call on our number for transcription support.

  • We fill in the orthopedic patient information forms in your emr system accurately.
  • The login details to your emr are confidential and we disallow unauthorized access.

Worried about sharing access?

You shouldn’t be as we offer best of class security options and have a data security team available 24x7. We offer only authorized personnel to work with your records. We’ve been in the business for over a decade and there hasn’t been even the most minor of data breaches. We have automatic log off facility on all systems and ban data storage devices inside the campus.

So if you are an Allmeds user looking for a transcribing solution but scared of costs, data security risks and unresponsive client support staff, you finally have a solution that is just what you hoped for.

For further details reach us today at 877-272-1572.



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