Merge Ortho EMR/EHR

We help you merge and streamline your workflow!

Getting the most out of what we have is something all of us hope for. If you are an orthopedician who works with Merge emr you’ve got what you hoped for. We can help you maximize the benefits derived from your Merge emr system. Clinical documentation and maintaining proper audit trails take up most of a medical practitioner’s time.
merge emr

Now you can save time by working with us. We specialize in orthopedic transcription services and understand the Merge emr like no other!

Efficient data management system that will help you focus on patient care

Our transcription and data management services will help you meet more patients perday. And...

  • If you receive transcripts and spend the next few hours proofing and correcting mistakes
  • Spend time downloading, opening,editing and posting transcripts
  • And hope that you find a transcriber who offers Merge emr specific services.

We are the best choice for you.Our transcripts are perfect and as we post them directly onto your emr. This means you don’t spend a single minute copy pasting your records.

Unique solutions for unique features!

The merge emr provides several unique features for orthopedicians. We use the ortho specific templates provided to paste our transcript in the relevant fields. Based on provider information we document patient visits accurately. We ensure that your centralized patient records are updated and any information that matters is just a click away.

Being secure
There is a lot of comfort in knowing that your data is safe. That you are not going to pay a cent more than what was there in the rate card. And that updated information is always available. At isource all our services are built from the ground up create a structured and secure environment for our clients. We grant only strictly authenticated access to your emr and every activity is kept a tab on and reported.

Take that day off!

With your documentation needs taken care of and finally someone who understands your emr, you can now take that odd day off. To manage your data a lot more efficiently and have a relaxed weekend call on our number anytime at 877-272-1572.


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