Exscribe EHR Integrated Transcription Support for Orthopedic practices

It would be an ideal world if…

  • There’s someone to transcribe your clinical recordings
  • Your medical documentation is updated and accurate
  • And you get the most out of your exscribe ehr

We can create an ideal world, for orthopedicians!

isource is an orthopedics transcription company that can help exscribe ehr users, to get home faster. Having worked with 500 ortho practices over the years, we are familiar with terms like anti glade plate and anterior lumbar interbody fusion. Yes, we do understand orthopedics like no other, and to make it easier for you, we understand your exscribe ehr too! excribe ehr

Here is how we can help you save on costs and time!

Rising overhead costs, means every ortho practice has to make optimal use of its resources to stay afloat. Have your in-house staff take care of pressing day to day administrative tasks instead of copy, pasting transcripts.

After transcribing your dictations we post them in your ehr in the required fields. As we’ve worked with the exscribe ehr extensively, we understand the templates and forms, inside out.

You’ve just got an immunization shot against security slipups!

Sharing ehr access can make you feel ever so lightly uneasy. But we can work perfectly with the edit level you provide us, and are thoroughly hipaa compliant. Every data we receive or transmit is ssl encrypted, so there are no security leaks or eavesdroppers!

Beyond expectations!

We love not just meeting the expectations our clients have of us, but going a step further. Whether it is prices that are 40 % lower than other firms or tat that super quick, what works for you matters a lot to us.

Exscribe users need to just dial 877-272-1572 for a transcribing solution that can interface with their ehr and understands their every need!


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