Medinformatix Orthopedic Specality EMR

A solution that works like the way you do!

You provide care and attention to the specific needs and pains of your patients. Don't prescribe the same drugs to everyone. Spend every minute today to create and sustain a better tomorrow for your practice. Work with someone who's like you. allmeds emr

Medinformatix users can now cast aside their worries…

isource offers solutions that are practice specific, customized and works round the clock to offer the best possible transcription support. And if you are a user of Medinformatix emr, we can be a perfect solution. We're the pioneers in emr friendly transcription services and have helped over 100 Medinformatix users, concentrate on patients and reduce operational costs.

Orthopedicians can beat rush hour traffic!

Just had a hectic day at your ortho practice, and want to get back home sooner? Now you can, without skimping on work. Our orthopedic transcribing services are available 24x7, and we ensure your clinical documentation needs are taken care of, even if you're not in office.

As we’ve extensive experience of working with the medinformatix ortho emr, we can post your transcripts directly into your emr, so that’s one more worry ticked off!

Working with a specific template?

Our transcribing team is well versed in working with different templates and customized electronic charts. Inputting accurate patient information ant the right fields and options provided is one reason why we say, we understand your emr.

An updated document repository

The document repository is a unique feature of the medinformatix emr. Accurate transcripts that are electronically signed by you are available here. The next time you need to pull out a transcript, for verification or billing needs, you don’t have to set aside more than 10 minutes.

Assured hipaa compliance and state of the art security…

Being in compliance with all existing hipaa guidelines is as important to us, as it is for you. We are thoroughly hipaa compliant. Our 24x7, highly streamlined data security will ensure there are no data breaches, or unauthorized access to your emr account or medical information.

Orthopedicians who are looking for an affordable transcribing solution and emr specific services, call 1 877 272 1572.

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