Pathology Reports Transcription Services:

Do you want to save on costs for documenting pathology reports
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Pathology reports transcription services now offered at just 8.5¢ line

Pathologist don’t need to document reports in-house, because pathology reports transcription services are now available on the web at super saver cost of just      8.5¢/ line 65 characters. If pathology clinics need transcription services for documenting pathology reports for the existing EMR application software, the cost is just 9.5¢/line.

The easy-to-access web service

Pathologist can use the toll free phone-in-dictation to narrate lab reports or they can call us for establishing Virtual Private Network (VPN) connectivity with the Pathology labs EMR application. The technical team from our company and the IT staff of the lab enable a secure login for the medical transcribers of our company, which allows them to access and document the clinical narrations of the pathologist that are read into the voice recording system  of the application. The company also offers Lanier Transcriptions to clinics that use standalone dictation systems such as Crescendo, Lanier Swift and Digital Portables, the dictations can be uploaded on our secure servers. These are documented by our transcribers and made available to the physicians for review.

24 X 7 operation effectively improves document workflow

Our documentation workflow is consistent, our operations are 24 x 7 because of which we are able to process and document the clinical narrations with a turn-around-time of 12 hours. The clinical labs that document reports in-house find it difficult maintaining a standard turn-around-time. This to some extent is because skilled medical transcribers are not easily available as a result the turn-around-time took more than 36 hours.

Observing HIPAA regulations occupies our pivotal attention

We steadfastly observe HIPAA regulations and ensure that our systems are secure and set as per guidelines of HIPAA. The data interchange with healthcare facilities is through SSL encryption. In the 10+ years of our operations our track record in compliance of HIPAA regulations has been excellent without compromising on the confidentiality and privacy of patient’s medical records.

7-day free trial for clinical labs that want to evaluate us

We offer clinical labs a 7-day free trial to evaluate our services, during the free trial period the pathologist can review 40 to 50 reports documented by our transcribers for consistency and quality, besides in maintaining the turn-around-time. This offer comes without any obligation. The clinical labs can call our toll free number 1-877-272-1572 and speak to our 24 x 7 customer support for signing up for the free trial.


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