Documenting Electronic Health Records for Allscripts MyWay, Allscripts Professional, Allscripts Enterprise

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Allscripts EMR Transcription

Allscripts is one of the favorite brands of EHR software for over 160,000 doctors around the world. We are proud to announce being one of the decorated resellers for the variety of Allscripts products. Allscripts have ventured into the multi-branched domains of the health care industry
benefiting many health care organizations around the globe. Allscripts is a CCHIT 2011 (certification Commission for Health Information Technology) certified EHR software. The EHR software is available for small, medium, and big health care organizations. Allscripts is HIPAA verified and follows HL7 standards too.

Allscripts Myway is the EHR software developed for smaller clinics or single physician practices. The package comes in with an integrated Allscripts practice management system, electronic health record system, and claims management system. The software has been custom designed to address the needs of all EHR users worldwide. The Allscripts Myway is available either as a web-based EHR software or installed EHR program in the Clinic's hardware.

Allscripts pro is EHR software that targets a mid level health care or multispecialty clinic. This Electronic Health Record software comes in with attractive features such as mobile support. In mobile support doctors can use their windows mobile, Blackberry, PDA's and Smartphones to check and update the patient health records when needed. Moreover the package is powered by the Allscripts e-prescribing and makes you connected with almost 50,000 pharmacies throughout the nation. Allscripts pro also keeps you connected with patients through its efficient patient portal system.

Allscripts enterprise EHR is steal away EHR software for bigger healthcare entities. The stimulus package comes in with robust medical database, patient record database. The Allscripts Enterprise provides very effective e-prescribing system associated with the acute medical dispensing. The EHR software package provides wider coverage connecting the user with hundreds of pharmacies lab and other scanning facilities around the nation making it semi-automatic.

Assisting Allscripts Users

iSource is one of the technical partners of Allscripts. We are long-term service providers in the health care industry. We provide MT (medical transcription)/GT (General Transcription)/MB (Medical Billing)/MC (Medical Coding) services. Our undeterred excellence in service makes us stand-out among the crowd of transcription service providers. We know the health care business and yes we are against paper based patient records. We will help you convert the existing patient records to electronic health records. We have improvised the EHR business for your financial advantage. We offer Medical transcription and Medical billing with the same EMR software you use at your facility. The tech savvies of Isource had successfully connected to the core of the Allscripts EHR software package. The connectivity is through a secure VPN. This process is termed as seamless integration. This result of this action enables our medical billers and transcribers to get access to the EMR software in your facility.

Once we receive the dictations from the physician our transcribers work on it. Our medical billers well-trained in various medical billing templates will pull the patient demography and fill in the fields in the form. The medical billers acquire the information from the transcribed physician's dictation. The updated EHR records are sent to the physician's handhelds for review.

Fully automated EHR service

This practice makes the existing semi-automatic EHR system nearly fully automatic. The seamless integration plays a major role in saving huge revenue for the health care facilities. By outsourcing to a remote vendor like Isource a multispecialty clinic can cut down the massive production cost for maintaining an in-house medical billing team. Being a preacher of HIPAA standards all Isource services comply with HIPAA rules and regulations. The seamless integration of EHR to the VPN follows HL7. The data transfer through the networks is through a secure encryption known as the SSL protection.






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