Documenting Electronic Health Records for AMS Practice Management Software

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AMS Practice Management Software

AMS practice management software is a managing tool to manage a busy medical office. Practice management software has become a bare necessity in all health care facilities regardless of their size. The AMS practice management software is generally deployed at a health care facility to ease the day-to-day operations.

The PMS (practice management software) offered by AMS is up to date to handle almost all kinds of operations such as patient demography, EHR, EMR, appointment scheduler, alerts or remainders.

Role of iSource

There are many companies that provide medical billing, medical coding, and transcription services. iSource is one such provider but on comparison with the other vendors our services are special. We have escalated our services to a whole new level by helping you retain the PMS, EHR, EMR software deployed in your health care facility. Irrespective of the software you use, iSource will provide medical transcribing, billing and coding services. Our medical billers, coders are trained on almost every PMS, EMR, EHR software on the face of the earth. AMS practice management software vendors, users and resellers can team up with us to avail our brand based services.

Automated EHRs

All software needs a person to input the details into the forms to store it. In small clinics, doctors themselves handle the feeding of demographic details into the software while attending their patients at the doctor's clinic. This greatly affects the consultation time causing the other patients to wait for long period of time. With the jaws of HIPAA closing on all types of health care facilities, big multi-specialty clinics have advised their medical practitioners to maintain the electronic medical records of their patients through EMR, EHR, and PMS software packages. This is the misconception of the idea of automating the medical records of the patients. These greatly affect the workflow of the duty doctor as many doctors are not friendly with software. Isource has identified the setbacks in the health care facilities and provides a one-stop solution for all your healthcare needs. We are willing to offer our services in best quality, TAT (turn-around-time), and cost.

Bridging Gaps Through Seamless Integration

iSource's technical evangelists have formulated a method to communicate with the PMS software that practices HL7 standards. We achieve the interaction with the software deployed at your facility through the concept of seamless integration. The seamless integration is the new face of technology we practice in the health care industry. We use a hyper-secure VPN network with PMS software deployed in your healthcare facility. The medical practitioners in the facility are to record the dictations in their hardware and store it within the hospital's server. For security reasons our transcribers have limited access to the files. Our medical transcribers transcribe the dictations and provide a legible document. Our cross-platform trained medical billing and coding professionals adapt to variety of forms and templates in an instant so that the entry of details into the software is immediate.

Tailor Made TAT

Our exceptional services have a 12 hour advantage plan to help our customers. The 12 hour advantage is that, the doctor presents a dictation of a patient at the end of day, the transcription and the coding of patient record may happen only during the next working hours, instead we start with the transcribing and coding immediately on receiving the doctor's dictation. By the next working hour the physician may find the patient details transcribed and updated.

We work round-the-clock and our customer service personnel are available anytime to assist you. We have toll-free number 1-877-272-1572 for you to call any time. As a part of our value added services we provide toll free number recording facility. A medical practitioner can now call our toll free number and dictate the patient demography details and the diagnosis; our customer care executive will immediately get back to you to analyze your requirements. For all our customers, especially for certified physicians and doctors we provide a portable digital recorder that stores the doctor's dictation, on connecting it to the computer the file is automatically transferred to us for transcribing.

The benefits our customers rake in are reduced in-house transcription cost, improved workflow for in-house physicians, and meaningful use of the automated PMS software, retaining the PMS software so that your investment is never a waste and most of all saves loads of time (12 hour advantage).

HIPAA Compliance

Our technology, our services comply with HIPAA standards. We secure our VPN with SSL encryption to maintain the privacy of the patients. Our compliance with HIPAA standard has made us the most sought after medical transcription company in the market.







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