A Discussion on "How Medical Transcription Services helps to increase physician's productivity After Emr implementation"

Recently, the statistics released by CDW alarms the healthcare community. It says that the price of EMR can reach up to $120K per physician and threatens physicians to implement EMR before it is too late. The study says that a total cost of $ 120,000 per physician including the equipment, software and services is needed for the implementation of EMR in a practice per physician. This astonished and created a shock wave in the entire healthcare industry. When we make a surface study, the statistics sounds by far true and acceptable, but when we consider it in the longer run there is a question of how far this will be true and a reliable fact since there are examples of hospitals (our clients) which have adopted the EMR and integrated with medical transcription platform and have survived the revolutionary EMR wave in the healthcare industry. They are also in the path of return of investment with the help of training, consulting and medical transcription platform integration with iSource. Our clients are happy and satisfied with our services since iSource has cut their costs immensely both in transcription service as well as the EMR implementation and integration process.

The cost of EMR includes the service, software, consulting, special programming, upgrades, support, and maintenance. CDW says that there will be a revenue loss in the name of productivity which accounts to 10% in the first year of implementation. This was the result of the study conducted with a group of practices who have not yet implemented the EMR. Our clients at iSource have implemented as well as integrated EMR with our medical transcription platform and have shown a steady increase in the patient productivity and the revenue returns. Hence, iSource will always make a positive mark with the partnership in integration of EMR with our medical transcription platform. This is because iSource always looks forward to the improvement and growth of our client so that we grow along with them. We make it sure that we keep up our words with the TAT and make it easy for the physician to get the records on his EMR on time. The quality and accuracy of the report is "as always the best in the industry" since iSource has the most experienced and dedicated medical document specialists or medical transcriptionists.

The study has only considered the loss of $120,000 and has not considered the annual dividend benefit of $150,000 per physician. Thus, the study has not made a balance and has not justified its results and moreover iSource gives a 40-50 % cut on cost of medical transcription services when the client integrates the EMR with our medical transcription platform when compared to other competitors. These "ballooning costs" looks like they are going to burst and reduce the productivity and revenue, but we at iSource provide solutions will make it fly in the air as smooth as possible with our medical transcription services that has accuracy, quality integration, cost benefits and comfortable TAT. Our major partner and client from Florida says that, "All these features are available in a package with iSource medical transcription services, which has helped our physicians to improve their productivity while implementing the EMR as well as the profit will gradually increase in the graph with such eminent services."

Hence, join hands with the best medical transcription services at iSource to improve your standards and revenue. You can always rely on us to cut on the cost of EMR implementation and integration with our medical transcription services. iSource provides professional EMR integration of medical transcription platform with reliable transcription services iSource provides a valuable solution, which will aid in the cost cuts of the EMR implementation and will make the practice or the physician walk towards the revenue returns with pride and dignity of success in EMR implementation.

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