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Changes don't happen overnight, unless you work with MedicalTranscriptionsService. We provide Centricity EHR users, transcribing solutions that are above and beyond, the best in the industry. Focus on real care while take care of everything else. Our expert transcribers work with clockwork precision, so you need never lose sleep over documentation hassles.

Put your patients at the center of care…

Most physicians spend hours on end on transcribing and data entry tasks. Following up with transcribers, correcting erroneous transcripts and loading them in to an EHR, is time-consuming. If you work with MedicalTranscriptionsService, like hundreds of other Centricity users, you can spend more time with your patients and not their records!

We know your EHR backwards and forwards!

Did you know that we work with the Centricity EHR every single day? Centricity has a comprehensive template database and specifically designed templates for major office visits, clinical information, administrative information etc.
Our transcription team pastes your transcripts in the exact fields and templates. That is the advantage of working with someone who knows your system backwards and forwards!

Receive transcripts in your preferred template format….

We offer transcripts in any template of your choice. MedicalTranscriptionsService also provides hundreds of free transcript templates. Our templates are well designed and specialty specific.Click here to view samples…

Are data security worries gnawing you?

Now you can be assured of not just accurate transcripts but also a good night's sleep as well! Our services are completely HL7 and HIPAA compliant. We securely interface with your Centricity EHR and follow advanced encryption protocols. We set up a secure HL7 compliant transcription platform to integrate with your EHR. Bid goodbye to data leakage scares.

You can reach us anytime!

We are the certified partners of Centricity. Call us anytime you need help or support with your EHR. Still in doubt? You can always request for a free online demo of our medical transcription services, to know how we work. Pick up your phone and request for a demo, today!

You don't have to take our word for it!

Just give a call to our clients to know more about our services and solutions. We bet our bottom dollar, you'd be happy with what you hear! Call through our "free client reference call" service and we will pay up your phone call.
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