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What is Medical Transcription outsourcing?

A medical Transcription service is the heart of any Health care organization now days. In the present day it is very tedious for the health care organization to handle the administrative difficulties raised during the implementation and maintenance of the EMR and EHR applications.

Outsourcing medical transcription services is the most popular as well as the booming business in the current age. There are numerous medical billing service providers to offer assistance to the medical billing and transcription needs of the Medical office. iSource is one among such medical transcription vendors but with a unique and trusted touch that actually differentiates us from the other service providers.

Advantages of Outsourcing

Outsourcing Medical transcription services assists physicians in many ways in the form of administrative support, equipment reductions, elimination of postage charges in addition to software support. Outsourcing such services provides the necessary freedom for the Health care facilities in terms of administration as well as managing billing functions.

Why iSource for your transcription needs?

If you are looking for a better medical practice without compromising your core competencies, then outsourcing your medical transcription services is the best solution for your need and it is iSource where your search ends with. We understand that Medical billing serves the source of income for any Health care centre to function. We strongly believe that an effective billing is possible only if the patient medical records are documented effectively and in-time into Electronic Medical records. This is where the vendor plays a vital role and we at iSource deliver the outputs exceeding your expectations. We assist our clients to concentrate on their core competencies rather than cracking with un-used technology and we do the same without compromising on the quality and speed of the documentation process.

iSource partners with is the only Physician Service Provider (PSP) that offers complete Practice Management Software at affordable costs. The Picasso system is entirely developed by physicians having in mind the physician’s needs in Practice Management software. It is not server-based and it is a subscription service and is flexible and easy-to-use.iSource has now joined hands with to serve its users and we at iSource assure you to bring the ease and comfort to work with your existing practice Management users. We invite all the Health care facilities using this application for their transcription needs to join us and reap the benefits of’s user-friendly application along with iSource’s expertise.

File transfer and data security

Data Transfer has been the most complicated issue in terms of data privacy and security. Sending information via posts or email is highly prone to errors and less proficient and the security of the data is unpredictable. Data transmission done via a web browser or a software application installed on your computer is the most trustable form of claiming information. Such data is secure, proficient and very less prone to errors. Always trust vendors those who access data through a secure platform to the existing EMR/EHR application or the one of the Health care facility’s choice. Such service providers are HIPAA approved and only if the entire transcription process adheres to HIPAA standards, the user is eligible for the stimulus incentive package.

Seamless way of Integration with a used EMR/EHR application

We offer our services through a secure SSL encryption platform that seamlessly integrates with the existing EMR and HER applications. With a secure login setup our transcribers access the data. All messages sent are liable to HL7 messaging standards; hence the service is HIPAA complaint. Once the physicians dictates the Patient ID, we pull out the patient details through UPI and start documenting the verbal narrations or dictations and the data is made available then and there required with our high-speed TAT facilities.

In-house Vs. Isource

Medical transcription service offered by a third-party vendor is far more efficient and accurate when compared to the in-house Medical transcription team. Health care facilities can save their valuable time and money with assured data security.

Cost Effectiveness

Within the Health care organization, Medical transcriber’s salary + Hardware + software components = 33¢ to 39¢ to document a 65 character line. iSource's service = 9.5¢ a line/65 characters. The above calculation shows a reduction of more than 70% in the Health care organization’s management expenses.

Lightning speed TAT and data availability

The working hours of the in-house team = 8 hrs/ day and 5days/week. With such restrictions in working works the data can be documented only in the next working day and this makes the chances of data availability less to the physicians in the next working hours when needed. Isource’s TAT = 12 hours and optional STAT of 2/4/6/8 hours are available on request. With such impressive data, the chances of data availability is confirmed to the physicians in the next working hours and even if the physician uploads his narrations at the end of the day, we document it then and there and the data is available anytime and every time needed.

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