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iSource and its Medical Transcription Service

iSource with its tantalizing investment in Information Technology and dexterous team of professionals always stays ahead of its competitors in the Medical Transcription field.We have extended our wings into almost all the areas of the Health care industry and has partnered with most of the EMR and EHR applications in the market serving its users more effectively and efficiently than any other service provider could.

iSource partners with EClinical works for your transcription needs

We have now associated with eClinical works, one of the largest vendors in the EMR domain with a customer base of more than 50,000 providers. The EMR is ONC-ATCB certified. EClinical works caters to the necessities of more than 40 specialties and sub-specialties. The Specialty tools are developed based on the inputs received from the physicians. The hospitals and practices those have opted for EClinical works for their Medical Transcription needs can now join hands with iSource to have their Transcription needs fulfilled in a more professional and proficient way.

iSource’s quality assurance

We assure our Medical Transcription services to meet the needs of the Health care organizations, physician practices and hospitals. We are one of the leading service providers in the Medical Transcription field. We adequately use the advancements in Information Technology along with our qualified team of transcribers to provide the best quality in outsourced medical transcription adhering to HIPAA requirements. You can trust that your documentation process is in safe-hands when outsourced to iSource whatever be your existing EMR/EHR/PM application be, if it is web-based or server-based applications.

Setbacks and Solutions

The inclusion of advanced Information Technology into the Health care sector has created wonders in the field in the form of EMR and EHR applications. Though the purpose of the applications are to minimize the workload of Health care facilities and increase the productivity, the implementation and the maintenance of the applications actually provide the expected result to the Health care facilities. It is equally important that the Health care facility has professionally equipped workforce with the necessary technical knowledge to handle the EMR and EHR applications.

Why outsource to a third party vendor?

Outsourcing the documentation and the Medical transcription needs to a specialized third party remote vendor provides the Health care facility with enough cushions to concentrate on their core competencies. This serves a viable option offering considerable savings on time and possessions to the Health care facility.

Why choose iSource as your outsourcing partner?

We at iSource are very conscious on the regulations that really influence the Medical industry. Our services are HIPAA compliant and we make sure that we follow all the mandatory procedures adhering to the standards. The documents produced through iSource are legally sound and can be utilized for reimbursement and stimulus incentive package.

Seamless way of Integration

We setup HIPAA compliant portals that facilitate our transcribers to directly transcribe into the Health care facility’s existing EMR/EHR/PM applications. This is said to be the Seamless way of Integration. This ensures a limited document flow into our system. The data transfer is done through a secure VPN and all the messages sent are HL7 compliant. The physicians can read out the patient ID and start entering their dictations; we pull out the patient details using the UPI (Unique Patient Identity Code) including the patients’ demographic information.

In-house Medical Transcribers Team vs. Isource’s professional team

Outsourcing your medical transcription needs to iSource can fetch you more than 40% reduction in your regular budget compared to your in-house team, both in terms of Medical transcribers’ salary as well as the cost factors involving the hardware and software components for the application. We bring your transcription needs to form in just 9.5¢ a line/65 characters, that shows a visible reduction in the overall management costs of the Health care organization in compared to the in-house team that costs the facility 33¢ to 39¢ to document a 65 character line where the average salary of a certified professional Medical transcriber ranges from $14 to $15 per hour. You might startle on our pricings for the service, but the same in turn proves our unique stand in the industry with unprecedented years of experience and stunning workforce ability.

Data privacy and security measures

The Encrypted messages are secluded and the data are password protected. Data access is given to only employees with trusted user ids and passwords. The systems used for the process are also password protected. We have a special certified professional team to manage the work process at various stages and maintain data privacy and security at all levels. The entire transcription work flow is maintained according to HIPAA standards.

Impressive Turn around Time

We provide you with the most impressive TAT of 12 hours for the document delivery. The working hours of the in-house team are restricted to 8 hours that makes the data availability slow and unpredictable. Our impressive TAT options can assure you with the documented data on time and every time needed at most even if it is at the end of the working hours. Our other STAT options are also available at 2/4/6/8 hours on request.

Customer support and technical assistance

We work round the clock 24*7*365. We assure an accurate and timely delivery at all stages of the process. Dial 1-877-323-4707 for your transcription needs and have your works safe in the hands of a specialized vendor.


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