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CSC Paperless Office

Computer Systems Consultants Inc. is renowned for its EMR product known as the physician's paperless office in the early 1990's. Since its inception of software in 1995, the requirements for CSC's EMR products were boundless. The paperless office is a vision they are still willing to achieve since 1990. The products of CSC's Inc are

• The Physicians Paperless office

• The Paperless office for chiropractic

• The Paperless office for PT

The Physicians Paperless office

This product is exclusively for physicians/MDs. The target of this product is to reduce the use of papers and facilitate the use of Electronic Medical records. The software constitutes easy usability and printable forms or templates. iSource provides services to Physicians Paperless office users and vendors to achieve the idea of Paperless office. iSource is open for partnerships with CSC's Physician's Paperless office users, vendors and MDs.

The Paperless office for Chiropractic

This is a product for chiropractic-specific practitioners. The built-in office flow management system gives an edge for the chiropractor over the busy schedule. The recording of clinical encounters is improved to be much faster than the other EMR systems. The records can be accessed almost anywhere by the user due to the portability of the software. iSource renders its services for chiropractic paperless office users as a part of its value-added services.

The paperless office for PTs

The paperless office for PTs is a physical therapists-specific product by CSC. The inbuilt office flow management system is best suited to facilitate both physical therapy and rehabilitation therapy for offices of all sizes. The nutritional inventory control and billing system is one of the attractive features of this product. The improvement in Quality of accessing the Patient Information and the internal template system makes this software a best choice. The software allows the PT to generate patient notes that are entirely compliant with HIPAA rules and regulations. iSource is a service provider for all kinds of EMR/PM software providers. Isource calls the paperless office CSC vendors and users for partnerships with mutual benefits.

iSource's Client Specific Technology

EIsource uses Seamless Integration Technology to provide its services to its clients. The Seamless Integration technology helps iSource's man power to connect with the software deployed in a medical facility. The main objective of using this technology is to help our clients to retain the software they use. The connection is through a secure VPN network. The connection is possible only through permission from the software vendor and from the hospital that uses the software. After successful connection iSource's work cycle begins. The transcriber with access only to the dictation, transcribers it and the document is proof read by the editors. The transcript reaches the medical billers and coders of iSource. These medical billers and coders are the best when it comes to challenging situations like cross platforms and customized templates or forms for medical billing and coding procedures. Our medical billers and coders adapt easily to the software through their experience in medical billing and convert your patient health records to Electronic Health Records.

iSource's Cost Advantage

The services we offer along with quality and TAT are at a very low cost. The cost of maintaining a small in-house team for medical transcription/billing/coding would demand a large ransom from the hospital/clinic's monthly budget. By iSource being your remote vendor these costs can be cut down to half and the multi-specialty clinics can rake their profits made out of this outsourcing. Due to our low-pricing structure many multi-specialty clinics and EMR vendors have teamed-up with us and have brought in more clients in need of our services as they believe iSource renders its services at its best.

iSource Timely TAT advantage

iSource is a vendor for medical office operations for hospitals, clinics and multi-specialty clinics around the world. Due to its variety of clients in multiple countries, iSource's resources are available almost in all time zones of the world. This Time zone advantage paves way to provide timely deliverables. Another attractive service is the Tailor-made TAT for all our clients who are in a hurry to obtain their deliverables. The best package voted by majority of our clients is the 12-hour advantage plan. The plan enables us to work as an extended wing of your medical facility as physicians' need to produce the dictation. The documented records will be ready in your EMR/EHR/PM software deployed at your facility during the next working hours. The other TAT plans available are 2/4/6/8/10 hours. iSource's Turnaround Time proceeds along with the quality of the deliverables.

HIPAA compliance

iSource is an ardent HIPAA follower. iSource also preaches HIPAA rules and regulations with its clients and business associates. Every technology, service, technique practiced by iSource will undergo a vigorous quality check with the own in-house HIPAA quality checking specialists. The technique will be practiced only if it is compliant with HIPAA norms. One such technique is our widely practiced Seamless Integration Technique as the VPN is highly secured through SSL encryption technique such that all the data that passes through the VPN is highly secure.


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