Documenting Electronic Health Records for CLIN 1 EMR/EPR/EHS/CIS

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iSource Joining Hands with CLIN 1 EMR

CLIN 1 EMR is a user-friendly EMR application widely used by Health care facilities to fit to their budget and time. Isource has partnered with CLIN 1 EMR/EPR/EHS/CIS applications to provide medical transcription services to its valuable clients.

We invite all the Health care facilities those have opted for CLIN 1 EMR/EPR/EHS/CIS to associate with us to get their medical transcription needs fulfilled.

Administrative Bottlenecks that Slowdown EMR Implementation

This is right time for the Health care facilities to identify the administrative bottlenecks that slow down the forward progress of implementing Electronic Medical records in the Health care sector. The industry suffers from paper jams, workflow atrophy and administrative overload caused by the traditional way of medical documenting and billing. Even after the introduction of Electronic Medical record processes, the Health care facilities haven't come down in its workload since the success of any EMR/EHR/PM application lies not in the adoption of EMR alone but in its maintenance and a meaningful use of the same.

Reasons to Outsource Medical Transcription Services to a Specialized Vendor

Providentially there are numerous choices available today to outsource the medical transcription processes that make it possible for the physicians and other medical professionals and specialists to focus on what they do best so that other specialized personnel are not diverted from their core expertise to perform administrative and documentation tasks that could be more cost/time effectively outsourced.

Specialized Medical Transcription Services from iSource

Isource is one of the recognized premiere Medical transcription service providers. With our highly proficient and experienced team of transcriptionists and IT professionals, we continue to serve Health care organizations of all sizes with an uncompromising commitment to quality and everlasting relationships. Isource's Medical transcription services are user-friendly and cost effective. We offer transcription services for Health care organizations of all sizes and other specialty-specific needs. Our stunning workforce molded with the latest advancements in Information Technology enables us to exceed your most challenging and demanding documentation and transcription needs consistently with more ease and comfort than any other service provider in the market.

A Dedicated Service Provider with On-Time Documentation Delivery

We have tailor-made transcription services to your business-specific needs, saving and minimizing to a great extent your time and effort involved in documenting the medical records. Our services are available 24/7/365 days and 100% on time and our client retention rate is 99% and growing. Our result shows our experience.

Our Extraordinarily Superior Medical Transcription Services are

  • HIPAA compliance.
  • 24*7*365 customer service with toll-free numbers for your assistance.
  • Stunning track record having worked with different types of forms and templates
  • The entire transcription suite adheres to HL7 message standards.
  • Special quality analysis team at every stage of the process.
  • Certified professional team to supervise and check for quality assurance and maintain timeline
  • Data transfer using Seamless Integration way of connecting with the Health care organization's existing EMR/EHR/PM applications.
  • Exceptional customer care committed to long-term relationships.
  • Your satisfaction guaranteed from a caring and dedicated leading team of professionals.

Quick Turn-Around-Time

We work on a minimum TAT (Turn around Time) of 12 hours. If the physicians provide the dictations even at the end of the working hours, our team of transcriptionists start working on it and your documentation is done at once and the typed data is available to the physicians whenever required anytime and every time. All the documentation process passes through several levels of quality assurance, ensuring an error-free and precise medical transcription service. Additionally we offer STAT (Short Turn around Time) services in 2/4/6/8 hours. This service is available on request. This is in many ways ahead to your in-house transcription service. The work hour of the in-house team is limited to 8hrs/day and 5 days/week. The TAT is a valuable plus that only a third-party specialized vendor can offer.

HIPAA & Security Measures

Considering all the threats on server security and data loss, we have processed all our medical transcription services through a secure VPN connectivity that indulges a better monitoring process. A connection is made with the existing EMR/EHR/PM application of the Health care facility using the Seamless way of Integration. A login access is created for our transcribers in coordination with the IT staff of the Health care facility. This way ensures a limited and restricted data flow into our system. Top level security is maintained by our 256-Bit SSL mode of encryption. The physician is expected just to read the patient's ID while dictating the data related to patients' medical treatments and procedures. Based on this our transcribers' access the patient details and relevant information related to the treatment and then the data is documented and made available to the practice at the earliest possible.

Undisputed Service Round the Clock @

We are available for your service at 1-877-272-1572. We bring your transcription needs to form in just 9.5¢ a line/65 characters. So the relief for your painstaking medical transcription needs is just a click away.


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