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EdgeEHR Transcription

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If switching to an EHR is challenging, working with one can be even more of a challenge. As with every major investment, one of your chief concerns should be the return on your investment. To, get the most out of your ehr and a little more, touch base with iSource. And if you are a user of Edge EHR, there are a lot many reasons why you should call us.

Edge EHR transcription

Here is how we work

iSource provides top of the line medical transcription services and keeps an ear to the ground to understand and serve the needs of our clients better. We offer accurate and timely transcripts of your dictations, and, any medical audio data that needs to be transcribed, for documentation purposes. To make our hipaa compliant medical transcribing services even more client friendly, we now offer emr integrated medical transcription services.

We can integrate our medical transcribing platform with your Edge Ehr application. If you feel queasy about sharing access, or data security issues, we list out three reasons why you shouldn’t be.

  • We coordinate with your facility to set up an Hl7 compliant data exchange platform. Every access to your Edge EHR, EdgeMD, or EdgeDMS application is strictly limited, authorized, monitored and accounted for.
  • All your medical data is SSL encrypted.
  • We have a data security team who take care of the informational security of your data, 24x7.

We can work effortlessly with the EdgeEHR template

Our medical transcribing team can paste the transcribed notes onto the template provided by the EdgeEHR application. We can paste the transcribed data according to the fields provided accurately and all the physician has to do is mention the patient's name at the start of the dictation. Our expertise of working with users of the EdgeEHR, EdgeMD and EdgeDMS applications, has made our emr integrated medical transcription services the obvious and most trusted choices.

To know more about our EdgeEHR integrated medical transcription services call 1-(877)-272-1572.




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