eMDs medical transcription services to streamline your documentation workflow!

Does the need to maintain pristine documentation, scare the daylights out of you? Learn how several eMDs users like you have managed to refocus on patient care and leave office a lot early. We follow a streamlined and secure medical transcription process to help you meet compliance regulations and drive up the productivity of your medical practice.

Everyday users of eMDs chart!

We know the specifics, features and workflow architecture of eMDs chart, backwards and forwards. The flowing documentation and template customization it offers helps us to adapt our transcribing solutions to your practice's unique needs. We have extensive experience of working with the SOAP notes format.
Does your practice use a specific template? We can provide your transcripts in the template format you prefer. Avail of several specialty specific free templates designed by MedicalTranscriptionsService. We have a huge database of well-designed template layouts to ease your documentation process.

Updated patient charts, anytime you access eMDs!

Sounds like a dream? We work 24/7 so your dictations are converted into accurate transcripts, every single day you walk into office. We access your eMDs EHR and post your medical records directly into your patient's chart. Transcripts are loaded into your patient's chart and all you'll have to do is e-sign them! We can customize your patient flow sheets upon request.

Data security is your primary concern…

So is ours! We assure you of complete data security and are in compliance with all HIPAA and HL7 norms. MedicalTranscriptionsService follows advanced medical data encryption protocols so your data is always in safe hands.

Can your iPhone help shorten your working hours?

The answer is, yes. We love pushing the envelope to offer smart transcribing solutions. We have developed a dictation application that can interface directly with your smartphone. eMDs allows mobile access for iPhone, iPad users. So now you can dictate notes and receive a transcript without worrying about saving and mailing your files.

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Ask for a free demo of our eMDs medical transcription services to know how we work. You can also call any of our clients to learn how we've helped them run profitable, structured and secure medical practices. What's more, we will pay for your call!
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