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Our Clients admire us because we ensure HIPAA Compliance

Privacy and security of patient health information (PHI) has been ensured across the US by implementation of Health Insurance Portability and Insurance Act (HIPAA) on 14 Apr 2003 and Health Information Technology for Economical and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) on 17 Feb 2009. Omnibus final rule was released in 17 Jan 2013 and has to be implemented by 23 Sept 2013. This rule strengthens the privacy and security protections established under the HIPAA.

Some salient aspects of the new rule are:

  • Strengthen the limitations on the use and disclosure of PHI without authorization.
  • Comply with patients' rights to receive electronic copies of their health information and restrict disclosures to health plan concerning treatment.
  • Provide patients with Notice of Privacy Practices (NPPs) that detail how the hospitals, clinics ,bill clearing houses, insurance companies, and outsourcing partners may use and disclose PHI and explain patients' rights with respect to their health information.
  • Establish improved benchmarks for ascertaining and notification of breaches where privacy or security of PHI is compromised.
  • Penalty for neglect of HIPAA.
  • Business associates (BAs) such as outsourcing medical transcription/coding/billing vendors, bill clearing houses, etc., are also liable for penalties due to data breaches.
  • Ensuring that business associate agreement (BAA) is in conformance with the new Omnibus rules.

iSource adopts proactive approach to data confidentiality

As transcription services provider, iSource has initiated 8 pro-active measures to ensure compliance with the Omnibus rule well before the deadline:

  • iSource has well experienced and qualified medical transcriptionists who are fully aware and trained in administrative actions, security policies and procedures to ensure protection of PHI.
  • The transcription team regularly assesses potential vulnerabilities to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of PHI while providing medical transcription services, and has the ability to initiate remedial measures.
  • We have 24x7 monitoring process to ensure patient information security is not compromised.
  • We ensure restricted and authorized access to PHI.
  • We also provide in-house training to hospitals and clinics in complying with data security stipulations and HIPAA.
  • We ensure privacy and security of PHI in all the phases of the medical transcription process.
  • We have ensured 100 % HIPAA compliance by incorporating fail proof in-built security into our transcription process.
  • We will provide free HIPAA score for your facility.
  • Stay tuned with our state-of-the-art processes and technologies to ensure HIPAA compliance at all times.

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