Medical Transcription Diamondbar (CA):

How many patients do you meet per day? On an average a physician sees about 25 to 30 patients a day. Managing the medical data of patients is the top most concern of all physicians. More granularity in data means, increased pressure to maintain accurate documentation.

Federal regulations, and insurers who demand more specific documentation, are forcing doctors to stay back after office hours. You don't have to work late into the evening if you work with MedicalTranscriptionsService! Hundreds of physicians across California have heaved a sigh of relief after working with us.

Working with us can…

  • Quicken your workflow

Love being a data entry clerk? !

We are sure you don't. Yet physicians all over California spend almost 60 hours every month pasting transcripts onto their EMR. The different fields and templates that need to be filled in only make the job tougher. MedicalTranscriptionsService can help you out! We offer EMR integrated medical transcribing solutions and can interface with your EMR/EHR systems, seamlessly.

Another reason to be hooked to your Smartphone !

Find dictating into your Smartphone easy? We just made it easier for you! MedicalTranscriptionsService has developed an Android/iOS based application that will interface with your Smartphone through a HL7 compliant platform. Safeguard your data and work more efficiently with our medical transcription experts who work the way you do!

Gain 16 hours !

Does your documentation work stop the minute you leave for the day? Let your transcription and clinical documentation tasks continue with clockwork precision, long after you've left for the day. Our 24/7 transcribing support speeds up your workflow. And you can now access updated clinical information every day.

Other highlights of our services…

Free professional voice recorder !

Work with us and get a free Olympus DS5000 digital voice recorder! Save $500 with our offer. Grab your phone and give us a call today to get the best pricing, TAT and offers in town.

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