Documenting Electronic Health Records for CareRevolution - Electronic Medical Records,
Practice Express - Practice Management, ChartRevolution - Electronic Medical Records,
Envision - EMR for the Ophthalmic Practice

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Documenting narrations for healthcare facilities at a cost of just 9.5¢ a line/65 characters

CareRevolution EMR

CareRevolution is “Cleanly Integrated” EMR software from CCA Medical Software Solutions. The software operates with a single Oracle database and is fully-featured integrated software with both electronic medical records and practice management functions together.

Practice Express from CCA Medical Software Solutions ensures a well-organized and successful practice management to the Medical office. This is a fully integrated practice Management system with the Windows graphical user interface. CCA Medical Software offers ChartRevolution, an EMR product from Electronic Healthcare Systems. This product helps the chart system to be in balance with the other systems. The physician is accessible to all important data to promptly analyze the previous visits and the progress notes. Medcin, a preplanned medical knowledge base is installed within the ChartRevolution EMR that allows providers to term their own custom-made templates and notes are created just by pointing and clicking. Envision is another EMR product from the wings of CCA Medical Software Solutions. Envision successfully fuses the technology of EMRs with the explicit needs of the ophthalmic practice and its related sub-specialties.

iSource and CareRevolution EMR

iSource has partnered with leading EMR and Practice management applications in the market to provide the best ever service possible. Now the Health care facilities those have opted for CareRevolution EMR, Practice Express Practice Management software, ChartRevolution EMR, Envision EMR for their ophthalmic practices can join with us for their documentation and medical transcription services. We are looking forward to associate with EMR and EHR software providers who are interested in a mutually pleasant relationship and serve the Health care industry to the level best.

EMR Tool Advantage

Many a times exploring a patient's medical record becomes the most time-consuming and daunting work for a physician. Only after a thorough analyze of the Medical record, the doctor can suggest a treatment plan for the patient, this increases the time of the physician's encounter with a particular patient affecting the other patients' waiting time and of course the Health care facility's overall productivity. While we take care of the entire documentation of the transcription process, the appropriate and necessary data is available for the physicians easily at the right and most needed times and anytime in a pleasant and appealing way ensuring a hassle free Medical treatment to the patient.

Medical documentation is one of the main processes in any Health care organization. Without appropriate and precise medical documentation processes, the Health care organization cannot provide appropriate health care to their patients or receive payments for their services. It worsens both the aspects, be it the patient healthcare or the financial reimbursements. One of the major beneficiaries of EMR and EHR applications is to increase the overall efficiency of the Health care office – a challenging job at best. One should confirm if the Health care facility has the workforce to maintain and manage the EMR/EHR application. On the whole the EMR/EHR application should be a real time management tool for the routine tasks and should bring down the workload and thereby increase the overall efficiency of the Health care organization and not the vice versa.

iSource's Solutions for CareRevolution Users

We are a leading company with legitimate expertise and an excellent track record in the medical transcription service to meet all your requirements. We have been successful in incorporating advancements in technology to the medical transcription services. Our constant endowment in technology and skilled workforce enables us to lead the industry with distinction. iSource offers you with technically sound high-end solutions for your medical transcription needs and this provides your health care office the ultimate management and compliance.

We ensure proper coordination with the physicians, IT professionals and all other staff of the Health care facility with our user-friendly work flow system. We establish link with the facility's existing EMR/EHR/PM application through Virtual Private Network (VPN) connectivity. Our seamless method of integration connects to the Health care facilities existing EMR or the one of their choice. The entire transcription suite adheres to the HL7 message regulations and the data transfer is done through a secure SSL encryption platform. We observe HIPAA regulations with attention and comply with all its standards. We offer documenting narrations to health care facilities at a cost of just 9.5¢ a line/65 characters with a minimum TAT.

Solutions within your Budget

We tailor our Medical Transcription services to your unique business processes thus saving your time and effort in generating, modifying and updating your typed documents. Once the dictations from the physicians are received, our select transcriptionists start documenting the narrations and the data is available for the physicians anytime available. We work round the clock 24X7, 365 days. We at Isource have adequate experience working with different document formats, files, dictations, verbal narrations and system interfaces. This comfort helps us to surpass your most challenging dictations and unique transcription needs with ease and the most importantly to your contentment.

Call us Now and Reap Benefits

A remote vendor should be one to guarantee accuracy and timely delivery at all stages of the Medical transcription process. For more details on our medical transcription outsourcing service and benefits dial 1-877-272-1572, our toll-free number and get your unique transcription needs transferred to a safe and specialized vendor in the market.






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