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New Age Medical Transcription services using EMR/EHR/PM applications

Electronic Medical records have emerged as an inevitable inclusion in the Health care sector in the recent times. EMR and EHR applications have a great influence on the current medical records documentation procedures .These applications delineate and detail to a large extent the administrative and documentation processes of a Health care facility.

The demand for such EMR/EHR/PM applications has magnified to a huge extent and the introduction of stimulus incentive packages through the ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) has added as a catalyst to the situation fascinating Health care organizations to acclimatize to paperless hassle free EMR/EHR/PM software applications.

EMR Software and the Physician's Woes

Though Electronic Medical records is the most fascinating talk in the Health care sector, there are setbacks that needs to be discussed, there are several EMR and EHR applications available in the market and physicians can opt for the applications that suits them the best based on the practice size or the specialty. But the main issue that concerns is the physicians' resistance in learning the software and the way to use it. The voice recognition software in most of the EMRs comes as a crevice in the shield. It takes an unwarranted amount of time to get trained and extremely critical for those not used to the IT functionalities.

Cost Advantage of iSource

Secondly the cost of implementing the EMR software is another tedious task to manage. The average salary of a professional Medical Transcriber is 14$ to 15$ per hour. Other than the salary of the transcriber, there are hardware and software components that include to the overall costs of implementing the EMR application. All these put together sums up to 33¢ to 39¢ to document a line of 65 characters. The cost factor in maintaining the application reduces to greater than 70% when outsourced to a trusted third-party vendor.

Time-Zone Advantage

The third and most important fact to be considered is the Turnaround Time that a specialized vendor can offer you. The general working hours of an in-house team is 8 hours a day and 5 days a week, when a physicians updates the data at the end of the working hours, it becomes possible for the in-house Medical Transcription team to document the data only by the next working day, so the availability of the documented data is delayed for the physician which means the data is not available when required. The health care sector is ever busy, working round the clock since it is associated with people's health care. In such an industry involving extreme to mid level health care and sensitive patient medical records, the work hours are unpredictable and documented medical data availability anytime becomes inevitable.

Isource and Clinic Pro – A bridge against all odds

With vast experience and high-class track record in working with different forms, we have spread out our operations into almost all of the available openings in the Health care industry. iSource has associated with most of the EMR applications available in the market to provide the most professional Medical transcription service ever possible. Isource has now partnered with Clinic Pro the EMR widely used by Medical offices and Chiropractic practice is easily adaptable with its touch screen technology. We invite all the Health care facilities those have associated with Clinic Pro EMR to join with us for their documentation needs.

If your Health care Organization is looking for a specialized vendor in the Medical Transcription service your search ends with us. We at iSource provide world-class medical transcription service applicable to all types of specialties and practice of various sizes. We understand that the difficulty and cost to run and manage a Health care facility is swelling day by day. Overhead is what that pains and it is the same overhead where we help you. We offer our services by setting up a connection with the EMR/EHR/PM application that is already in use with the Health care facility.

Team up and triumph

Our accelerated TAT of 12 hours serves as a solution to your quick and on time documentation needs. The documented records are available to review as quickly as possible. Our STAT options of 2/4/6/8 are available on request. We are HIPAA compliant henceforth all our data transmissions are done through a secure VPN connectivity where all the messages sent meet with HL7 standards. As data security and privacy is most important in this process of Medical Transcription, the systems used for the process are all password protected and only employees with verified usernames and passwords are allowed to access the data. The documents we produce are legally valuable and can be beneficial for Health care organizations for their reimbursements and incentive stimulus packages on a meaningful use.

The complete narration, transcription and documentation process is preset. We assist you with toll-free lines and DS 5000 Digital voice recorders to help you in uploading your dictations with more ease and comfort. You can reach us at 1-877-272-1572 and get your free quote and EMR consultation.





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