Documenting Electronic Health Records for
CPU's Medical Billing and Radiology Information System (RIS)

Dial 1-877-272-1572 for transcription support through an enabled VPN/ Web-based connectivity

Documenting narrations for healthcare facilities at a cost of just 9.5¢ a line/65 characters

CPU Medical Management Systems

CPU Medical Management Systems is a comprehensive software provider for the Health care industry. The manufacturer is known for its client/practice-specific products. Some of their most noted software products are:

Med/FM – CPU's Medical Billing and Practice Management Solution

This is a software solution that targets medical practices and medical billing solution providers. The software has integrated document imaging, report generator, electronic data capture, integrated appointment scheduling. The added benefit for users is that the software is available as a web-based and ASP server model. iSource is a leader in the health care service providers and is known for its technological innovations in the health care sector. iSource is now open for partnerships with CPU medical billing and Practice Management solutions users.

MED/FM for Radiology-CPU's Medical Billing and Radiology Information system (RIS)

This is a client-specific product of CPU. The product is developed to assist radiologists in their medical documentation procedure. The features suit most of the radiology procedures required by the radiology department of any multi-specialty clinic. The additional features include online approvals for procedures, faxing, user-defined shell documents, RIS dictation facility and HL7 based interfaces. iSource is a multi-service provider featuring its familiarity with CPU's RIS. iSource's engineers were able to connect with the HL7 interface of the CPU's RIS; thereby Isource opens its doors to CPU's Medical billing and Radiology Information system for mutually beneficial business partnerships.

Remote Vendor outsourcing Advantage

Maintaining an in-house medical transcription, billing and coding team takes a toll on the budget of the hospital or multi-specialty clinic. A vendor well-versed in handling all these tasks with neither a huge ransom nor depleting the hospital's power bills and manpower is a dream of every health care facility around the world. iSource makes this dream a reality. iSource will act as your remote vendor and by transferring your Medical Billing transcription and coding needs to us we will act as an extended wing of your medical facility. These services are often offered at a very low cost when compared to your original maintenance changes. Sign up with us to know more about our Seamless Integration technology that has open new paths to remote vendor outsourcing.

Seamless Integration of Isource

iSource offers Seamless Integration Technology. This Seamless Integration is an innovation that helps iSource to communicate with the software deployed at your health care facility. VPN is used as the mode of connection. The mode of connection to be successful requires prior permission from the software user/vendor. This VPN is encrypted with SSL encryption technique to facilitate HIPAA's security standards. With the successful connection, iSource transcription team can access the doctors dictation using you own EMR/PM software. The transcript is fed into the template or form of the CPU's EMR/PM by iSource's medical billing and coding team. Thus the patient encounters are converted successfully into EMR/EHRs using your own software without the usage of your manpower or infra.

Benefits of iSource Business Partnerships

• Transparent Business statements and no hidden costs.

• Tailor-made TAT for medical facilities of all sizes.

• Lowest service cost in the market(Medical Billing, Transcription, Coding)

• Robust Technology that complies with HIPAA privacy policy.

• 24 hours technical /customer support.

• Incredible time zone advantage.

• Services available round the clock.

• Toll free dictation for instant transcriptions.

• Untainted Quality deliverables at a very low cost.

HIPAA Adherence

iSource is a strict follower of HIPAA and we do expect the same from our business associates. Every technology we use and the services we offer comply with HIPAA rules and regulations. We also educate our customers on the same if at all their requirement does not favor HIPAA.








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