Documenting Electronic Health Records for CosmetiSuite Electronic Office Solutions

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Cosmetisuite and iSource

Cosmetisuite from Meditab Software, Inc. is one of the complete Practice Management and EHR software application for plastic and cosmetic surgeons. The software is CCHIT / ONC-ATCB certified. Cosmetisuite has come as a boom to cosmetic surgeons, plastic surgeons and Medical Spas. The software is mainly developed with a field-approach technique having in mind the sensitivity that comes along the cosmetic practice.

iSource has joined hands with Cosmetisuite to offer its clients the best service expected out of the software. Our mission is to offer an inexpensive, dependable and superior quality transcription service as a combo package of technology along with people proficiency and effective transcription processes. That is why we have partnered with Cosmetisuite. This way, we believe we have created a long-term relationship with all our clients and the good work still keeps growing. We invite you to join the wings and reap the benefits.

Outsourcing Advantages

As the adoption of EMR and EHR applications increases, the need for IT specialists to handle the technical issues increases, this indirectly creates a huge demand for professionals thereby increasing their wages simultaneously. Outsourcing such complicated and not much-used-to technology for the Health care industry is the best option to overcome this situation. Simultaneously the number of companies providing outsourced medical transcription services has also increased visibly.

Why iSource for your documentation needs?

We have always exceeded your needs not your money. With our tantalizing workforce and stunning experience on the administrative and medical aspects of the industry we are able to offer our clients with the best service that is HIPAA complaint, rapid, secure, affordable and most importantly with superior quality. We use advanced Technology in combo with the apt technical expertise assisted by the necessary hardware and software components to use for the process. All our services are user-friendly, cost-effective and efficient and customized to your specific needs. Our services help you gain a competitive advantage in your business and this reflects positively in your cash management and bottom line. We just don't accept orders and produce results; we research your needs, integrate into your existing EMR/EHR applications and bring out solutions. We tailor our solutions to fit your need the most.

iSource's Advantage

We have the relevant experience in the Health care industry to undertake your transcription needs and deliver it in the most appreciable way possible. We just don't take your narrations and document the data; we try to understand your need, the urgency of your need and every other aspects of the need and frame out our workflow in a systematic way and tailor our solutions to fit your need the most. We are conscious that your time is precious and of course it is the same on our side and that is why we are able to achieve our goal we meant your solutions within the stipulated time to your satisfaction and appreciation. We have the state-of-the-art technology and the relevant hardware and software components to maintain our reputation throughout the process. Our workforce is one that is hard-picked and the best in the industry. Our customer support and technical assistance team works 24x7x365 days to assist our clients. Apart from this we have toll-free lines for your assistance. Out TAT option of 12 hours is one that would fetch your documented files to your reach by your next working hours even if the data is submitted Bb the end of the working hours.

Seamless way of Integration

iSource offers its services through a user-friendly online platform with all facilities that ensure HIPAA compliance right form data transmission till delivery of output. This we say the Seamless way of Integration into an existing EMR/EHR application. Our transcribers are allowed to access the narrations of the physicians through the secure VPN connectivity that is made with the existing EMR/EHR application of the Health care facility. All the messages sent adhere to HL7 messaging standards. This assures the Health care facility their security on data and of course eases their additional work and helps them concentrate on their own area of expertise. This provides you with undisputed data integrity.

HIPAA compliance and Data security measures

iSource, as per HIPAA guidelines has security measures and administrative procedures in place to protect data veracity, patient data confidentiality and reliability and of course to have documented data availability all time, we mean the data access control and data access authorization. We have 24 hours security services to prevent extortion or sabotage of any protected information. All sensitive data and documented files whether it is voice files or records, they have the necessary clearances at all levels to meet out security and privacy measures of data. Technical evaluations are done on a regular basis to ensure that all the systems used for the process meets the expected security requirements.

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