Helping medical practices in Los Angeles work more efficiently !

What does your wish list consist of? !

  • An errorless medical documentation process.
  • Transcripts that are an exact textual version of your dictations.
  • And a work day that is free of copy pasting headaches.

Someone just heard your prayers !

Or you wouldn't be on this page! Medicaltranscriptionsservice offers healthcare providers transcription support that can help them streamline their documentation process. Not only are our transcripts perfect, we also love being ahead of the curve.

We are the EMR transcription experts and can work with every EMR, EHR, PMS, system known to the medical world. Our transcription platform is HL7 compliant and powered by the latest security infrastructure.

The smart way to receive transcripts !

We can interface with your smartphone as well. We've developed a secure and state of the art Android /iOS application that can work with your smartphone like magic. Our app receives your dictations and helps you to view your completed transcripts, all through your smartphone!
Want to know how we interface with your EMR or smartphone? Request for a free trial and find out !

Hate filling out templates?

It can be a challenging task to fill out templates. Work with a medical transcriber who offers your transcripts in the template and format you want. We offer neatly designed templates for progress notes, discharge summary etc. Our transcribing team is well-versed with EMR/EHR templates. So now you won't be stuck after office hours cutting and pasting transcripts into your emr!

Call us at midnight +/!

And you'll be greeted by warm, cheery voices. We work 24/7 and the biggest advantage of working with someone who works long after you've gone to bed is that your transcripts reach you in time. Your medical records are transcribed and pasted onto your EMR as you are snugly sleeping at home! We are sure that is the reason, over 300 medical practitioners turn to us for transcribing support.

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