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Managing a medical practice is getting more expensive by the day. Would you be happy if you could pay 6 dollars instead of 10? Well, that is the money you save for every ten dollars you spend on transcribing, if you work with us! MedicalTranscriptionsService can help you reduce 40% of your operational costs.

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5 reasons why if you are a Cerner user, working with us makes sense!

  • Cerner has extensive documentation features and specialty specific templates. We know our way around the EHR and post your transcribed reports, in the requisite fields and templates, effortlessly.
  • We interface seamlessly with your EHR and assure your medical practice complete data security.
  • Our services are HIPAA and HL7 compliant and we follow advanced medical data encryption protocols.
  • Your transcripts reach you swiftly as we work 24/7. Send in your dictations and view a perfectly transcribed report, in your Cerner EHR, inside of just 12 hours.
  • Confounded? Call any of our clients to know about our services. MedicalTranscriptionsService offers to pay for your call!

Built from the ground up, for you!

Do you work with a particular transcript template? Send us a copy and we will provide your transcripts in the template format you need. We can also interface with your smartphones and access your dictations through a HL7 compliant mobile interface.

Cerner EHR support, anytime you dial our number…

Get technical issues resolved with our 24/7 support line for Cerner users. Our helpdesk is available at all times to provide help, advice and effective troubleshooting solutions. We are not going to force our services down your throat. Request, for a free online demo today, to know more about our Cerner transcription services…