Dictamus application by iPhone aces iSource survey as the first choice of physicians and medical facilities!

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iSource a pioneer in the medical transcription services industry , in a bid to better understand the mind set of its clients, conducted a month long survey of over 400 major hospitals, health clinics and independent medical practitioners. According to the report by the iSource research and marketing team 30% of physicians were satisfied with the Olympus digital voice recorder that comes absolutely free of cost with our medical transcription services package, and 45% of physicians opted to send across their dictations to our secure FTP server.

But iSource faced a minor setback when around 10% of medical practitioners, we interviewed as a part of our survey felt that they found it difficult to send across their dictations via the Olympus dictation module software to communicate with our secure FTP server. To gain access and send in their dictations they will have to use their home or office computer which is not possible when they are on a day off from work or travelling on a house call. And 15% of doctors felt that they couldn’t avail of the toll free dictation services offered by iSource, as most hospitals restrict the usage of telephone so as not to keep the line blocked when emergency calls come in.

One of the major revelations of this recently concluded survey is that around 80% of physicians use the iPhone. The iPhone has become an integral part of the health care industry! Most doctors in fact use the new age apps developed by iPhone specifically for the medical fraternity such as Medscape, Radiology2.0, and Med Calc as reference material.

iPhone - Dictate & Send

dictation list on dictamus

But the major draw of the iPhone, for physicians, is the Dictamus, dictate and send digital voice recording application. The Dictamus application has simplified the long drawn process of audio recording medical data such as physician dictations and then sending it across for medical transcription services into four easy steps. All our clients have to do is.

Step 1: Launch the Dictamus App.
Step 2: Touch “Record” button and start dictating.
Step 3: Once you are done dictating, touch “Stop” and touch “Save”
Step 4: Touch “Dictation List” and touch “Send to iSource’s FTP”

Yes, sending in your dictations to iSource is as easy as that!

EMR  Dictation using iPad1 EMR  Dictation Integration iPad2  Dictation sharing ftp, download, email on iPad2

As iSource firmly believes in making life easy for our clients we provide specialized medical transcription services, for medical audio data recorded in the Dictamus application. With the exponential increase in physicians and medical practices switching over to the iPhone, (in fact a recent finding by the Spyglass consulting group revealed that 94% of physicians use smart phones.) iSource now offers specialized medical transcription services for users of the iPhone Dictamus recording application.

To know more about our specifically designed medical transcription services package custom designed for users of the Dictamus application call Steve on our toll free number at 1-(877)-272-1572.

Note: iSource is currently programming a secure app for iPhone, Blackberry users to view/edit and electronically sign their reports just by touch on a screen. The electronically signed reports can be routed to doctors’ EMR/EHR via HL7 Interface messenger.

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