Medical Transcription Gainesville (FL):

Registered Name: iSource
Phone: 877-272-1572

Want to run the healthiest medical practice in Gainesville?

Perfect documentation is the first sign of a healthy medical practice. Federal mandates and regulations emphasize on flawless documentation. It is important that you up the game to stay in compliance. How do you have enough time to concentrate on documentation when you have a choc-a-bloc schedule ?

It is simple. You'd just have to call our toll free number. Medicaltranscriptionsservice is a household name in the state of Florida. Medical practices across Gainesville have managed to contain costs and spend less time on documentation with our transcribing support.

Are you still working in the stone ages?

  • Do you still rely on highly unreliable digital transcription devices ?
  • Handle the transcription load yourself ?
  • Waste time entering information into your EHR ?

There is a smarter way to work…

Medicaltranscriptionsservice has revolutionized the way medical practices work. You can now send across your medical dictations to us at the end of every working day. And guess what greets you when you walk in to office the next day ? Perfect transcripts ! Our 24/7 workflow and experienced transcribers, ensure that you receive accurate transcripts at super quick tats.

Make the best use of your smartphones !

Users of Android and Apple iPhones can now receive errorless transcripts effortlessly. You can transmit your digital medical dictations to our secure FTP server and we will transcribe it for you.

Increase the ROI on your emr!

We are the EHR medical transcribing experts. You can sign up for a demo of our EMR transcription services to know how we work. You could either grant us access to your ehr, like most of our clients. Or we can integrate with your emr through our HL7 compliant transcription platform. Our EMR support is available 24/7.

Hate the straight out of a can, templates your emr offers? We offer transcript templates for H&P notes, progress notes, discharge summary, chart notes etc.

Talk to our clients…

You can talk to any of our clients in Gainesville to get to know us better. And what’s more we will pay for the call you make!

Give us a buzz anytime you need our transcribing support. Want us to understand your workflow ? We will drop in at your office to see how we can work together to maximize efficiency and productivity of your medical practice.