Finally an emr friendly medical billing services provider!

Adopting an emr application could be a major decision and expense for any medical organization. With every practice having its eye on the 44,000$ incentive for the meaningful usage of EMR/EHR, we understand that your main concern would be whether your service provider, knows the way around the emr you use.

iSource is the perfect choice for, emr integrated medical billing services. All major emr applications come with their own uniquely designed suite, or partner with medical billing softwares. Our service can integrate effortlessly with your existing emr/ehr and provide you with a wholesomely secure, structured, undisrupted, and profitable solution.

Don't change the way you work

Every medical practice has its own work pattern. The chief objective of iSource is to ensure that you don’t ever have to change the way you function and the only noticeable difference should be quicker insurance payment! As a part of this constant effort to offer client centric billing services we provide you with emr integrated medical billing services that can integrate with your emr/ehr system, and save on your expenses and time.

Keep your medical data secure

The upside of working with an emr integrated medical billing service provider is that your patient data is in one comprehensive unit, and you don’t have to waste time trying to locate medical information from different sources or platforms. And your medical data is absolutely secure and you are in complete control. We can establish a secure communication platform with your facility and work as a team with your in house staff. As for the downside, we are yet to find one.

Seamless integration with all emr and online medical billing software applications

iSource can provide emr integrated medical billing services to all widely used electronic medical records such as Practice Fusion, e clinicalworks, e MDs, Allscripts MyWay, Centricity, NexTech are just a  few of the widely used emrs we can integrate with.

We can also work with all leading medical billing softwares such as Kareo, Medisoft, TotalMD and dozens of other medical billing software used by the healthcare industry.

For emr integrated medical coding and billing services all you have to do is make a smart decision and give us a call at 1-(888)571-9069.