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Medical Transcriptions Service offers back-office transcription support to oncology clinics that use the web based iKnowMed EHR. The company establishes a Virtual Private Network (VPN) which facilitates the transcription team of the company to log into the clinics iKnowMed and after having done this the transcribers then access the dictations that are narrated by the different oncologist into the EHR.

After typing and compiling the patient's health care records, they are available to the physicians for instant access and review, all within the iKnowMed platform.

The standard turn-around-time to process the dictations is 12 hours and for the STAT reports to be documented it takes us between 2 to 8 hours, based on the urgency of the reports.

We have been providing web based transcription support to many oncology clinics that use the iKnowMed EHR, a clinic in Boston for instance had problems with a local transcription company that was hired. The company was unable to fulfill the TAT obligations taking 36 hours to document the dictations, eventually patient care was badly affected. After the clinic signed a Business Associate Agreement with us, and through a telephone conference with the IT support staff of the clinic, a VPN was set up with a user ID and a login password provided by them.

In the first week of the transition period our transcribers documented fifty dictations for the clinic, and after an evaluation by the office manager of the clinic minor inaccuracies in transcription formatting were pointed out. These were quickly sorted out, and it has been more than six months now since we have been providing our services,without any glitches.

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