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The Affordable Care Act has changed the way physicians work. Maintaining immaculate medical records is important to make insurers sign that check. If you are looking for affordable medical transcription support in Illinois, you needn't look any further.

Our medical transcription solutions go beyond offering a perfect transcript. We push the envelope to develop and deliver, practice specific solutions.

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Our specialty specific services have helped physicians from different medical specialties, receive their transcripts on time. Want to be sure? We can help you make an informed choice. Avail of the "Free Client Reference Call" offer. We have a huge client-base in Illinois and if you want to know about our services you can call any of our clients. We will cover your call charges.

The smarter way to work!

A majority of physicians use smartphones to dictate. To make transcription a better experience for smartphone users, we have developed a smartphone dictation app. Now you can receive a perfect transcript using it. Our technical support team has developed an Android/iOS transcription application.
Our dictation app can interface with your smartphone and help us to retrieve your dictations and transcribe them.

"I was amazed by the turnaround time"

"As a primary care physician I meet about 30 patients a day. This leaves me with enormous amount of paperwork to do at the end of the day. MedicalTranscriptionsService has helped me get rid of my documentation bottlenecks" – Carolyn Finn, PCP, Illinois
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